Off-Road Training Plans

The only thing better than riding on the trail is winning on it. TrainerRoad’s plans for off-road riders address outdoor challenges through structured, power-based training to help you ride stronger off the beaten path.

Off Road Cyclist

“Thank you for playing a large part in my recent win. I definitely consider you guys a huge part of my team.”

Mitch, TrainerRoad Athlete

Training Plans for Every Off-Road Event

Get expert guidance all season long designed specifically to help you succeed in the most competitive off-road events.

  • Short Track XC
  • XC Olympic
  • XC Marathon
  • Cyclocross
  • Gravity
Mountain Bike Plans

Comprehensive Workouts

Off-road races present riders with a compilation of challenges.

As a result, TrainerRoad’s training plans help you train to be fast and strong with the endurance of a long-distance rider — all while preparing for the unique terrain of the trail.

Cyclocross Race

Ride Stronger, Longer

Winning requires a combination of short-power sprints and long-distance endurance.

You’ll train to boost your FTP while maintaining steady speeds to keep your opponents on their toes, putting you in a position to work stronger, longer.

Cycling Training Plans for Off-Road Riders

Browse the following training plans designed specifically to get race-ready for your off-road event.

Prepare for the trail with structured, power-based training plans designed for off-road racers.
How to Choose an Off-Road Training Plan

Short Track Cross Country8 Weeks Per Block

This block is designed to help riders prepare for short, fast dirt-circuit races. Riders focus on aerobic and anaerobic capacity as well as high-power sprints similar to those in the Criterium plan.

  • Low Volume (3.3 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.7 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.2 Hrs/Wk)

Cross Country Olympic8 Weeks Per Block

This block emulates the unrelenting nature of Cross-Country MTB riding and racing. Riders work through anaerobic, VO2max and sweet spot intervals — often with rapid transitions.

  • Low Volume (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (6 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.4 Hrs/Wk)

Cross Country Marathon8 Weeks Per Block

This block is for long off-road events lasting upwards of three hours. Riders focus on increasing muscular/strength endurance while maintaining aerobic fitness and weaving in high-power, short-duration intervals common to trail riding.

  • Low Volume (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.9 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.4 Hrs/Wk)

Cyclocross8 Weeks Per Block

This block is all about preparing for the unique racing style of Cyclocross. Riders focus on increasing maximum aerobic and VO2max power alongside strength, endurance and sprint capabilities.

  • Low Volume (3.4 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (5.8 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.5 Hrs/Wk)

Gravity8 Weeks Per Block

This block incorporates the importance of blending high power with the sustainable power necessary in Gravity races. Riders focus largely on anaerobic power development through specialty gravity-specific workouts aimed at helping them dominate their events.

  • Low Volume (3.3 Hrs/Wk)
  • Mid Volume (6.0 Hrs/Wk)
  • High Volume (7.5 Hrs/Wk)

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