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Maximize Your Fitness For Your Key Event

Build the fitness needed to crush your event. Whatever your event, we have everything you need to help you reach your goal.

Cyclist with TrainerRoad interface element

4:00:47 Faster*

On Leadville 100 with +99 watts

My goal isn't to be the fastest person on the bike. It’s to be the best version of myself.

David Curtis

Increased FTP by 99 watts using TrainerRoad

*Estimated using Best Bike Split.

Get Faster

The #1 Cycling App for Getting Faster

With over 11,000 reviews in the App Store, 4.9 stars, and tens of thousands of athletes like David, TrainerRoad is the #1 cycling training app for getting faster.

Your Custom Training Plan

Get Faster with Custom Training

Your custom training plan is automatically built for your goals by taking your events, experience, recent training, and schedule into account. We create the ideal training plan to sustainably increase your fitness and maximize your performance on race day.

Build Sustainable Fitness

Your custom training plan is created to take you to peak fitness for your most important event while accounting for all the events on your calendar. You will use combinations of our Base > Build > Specialty training cycle to create the specific fitness needed for your event.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use

Plan Builder takes care of the details. With eighteen different event types, you’ll have a custom training schedule to maximize your fitness in time for your event.

How It Works

TrainerRoad combines science-based coaching principles with an unprecedented dataset of over 100 million workouts to create training plans and systems that help you maximize your fitness and get faster.

Progressive Training Plans

TrainerRoad training plans use a proven, three-step approach using the Base, Build, and Speciality Phases, strategically varying your training intensity towards your event to help you reach your goals.

Optimized for Your Schedule

Every TrainerRoad plan is available in three different volumes: low, mid, and high. Whether you can train six days a week or only three, your training plan will ensure that you’re prepared for any challenge.

Machine-Learning Driven

Your training plan is designed by coaches then paired with machine-learning-based insights from our unprecedented data set of over 100 million workouts.

Flexible Training Calendar

Unmatched Training Control

Your training calendar within TrainerRoad gives you complete control and flexibility over your plan. See your upcoming training, add A, B, or C races, adjust your schedule, plan vacations, add in non-cycling workouts, and more. No other training app gives you this much control.

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Get Faster with TrainerRoad

Included in Your Subscription

In addition to custom plans, a training calendar, and powerful data analytics, every TrainerRoad subscription includes unlimited access to the complete set of tools you need to get faster.

Workout Difficulty Levels

Machine-learning driven metrics to improve your training.

Straightforward Analytics

A clear picture of your training and improvements.


Machine-learning driven workout recommendations when you’re not ready for a plan.

Cross-Platform Training

Complete workouts using iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Garmin, or Wahoo devices.

Powermatch 2.0

ML-driven, proprietary way to control your smart trainer with your power meter.

Ride Sync

Easily integrate with Strava, Garmin, TrainingPeaks, and more.

Maximize Your Fitness For Your Key Event

Build the fitness needed to crush your event. Whatever your event, we have everything you need to help you reach your goal.

Preview of TrainerRoad's Plan Builder feature with Race workout card