Zwift bans two riders from top races for falsifying data | CyclingTips

Why didn’t these riders just take the DQ rather than jump through all these hoops of trying to submit a fake file?

Is there money on the line?




“bringing the sport into disrepute” That’s funny. Hasn’t Zwift done enough of this themselves by doing basically nothing to stop cheating in every event on their platform?


Yeah, action via inaction is quite real in this case. Zwift has been so hands-off in the history of racing, up until they finally saw $$$ at the end of the rainbow, that they have been stealing the reins the last few years.

Sadly, the lack the guts to actual penalize clear instances of issues (they won’t even boot people from events, not to mention any long lasting action short of a few highly public instances), and seem incapable of stating openly that there are very real issues with taking this further than a simple ego contest and ending with real money and/or titles as results of these competitions.

It seems they are ignoring (at least publicly) the wide range of examples in the gaming world and related industries, not to mention smart people who have outlined a variety of race related suggestions to improve results. More of Z acting like they know everything, despite showing something well short of that in practice.


This is it exactly. They have a massive problem, they know they have a massive problem, and they’ve allowed it to go on for years. Now, with the potential to turn it into an income source, they come in acting like they’ve been tough on cheating all along when one glance at the results from any event will tell you that the exact opposite is the case.

One thing they could do is to implement braking areas like RGT has; riders would know that any effort put in during braking is completely wasted and thus would coast, giving an opportunity for real-time spindown analyses of the riders/trainers in the event.