Zero offset/calibration

With my Garmin Vector pedals I do a zero offset prior to a work out via my Edge.
I also record my TR workouts to Edge as I’m recording to TR. (so i can see additional info Garmin provide)

Why does TR not require a Zero Offset of the pedals?

The Zero Offset is stored within the pedals, which means any app or device connected to it will use the exact same power data.

  • (with the noted exception that I think there is a potential for variance between ANT+ vs BLE connection in some cases).

In essence, once you Zero Offset a power meter (or calibrate a trainer), that is all you need for any use in that timeframe.

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Interesting. So if I never zero’d the pedals via the Garmin Edge, they wouldn’t be Zero’d via TR?

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Correct. The ZO process is about the PEDALS, not the app or device.

Obviously, we need those devices and apps to perform a ZO, but once done… that is the data shared for all connected items until the next ZO.