Your FTP improvements

Got back into riding after a layoff for school/career change/relocation
just turned 50 and my eXcel sheet tells me…
5/14/2020 124w at 95Kg
12/27/2020 163w at 95Kg no real training just get back on the bike and ride…
starting to/planning to ride inside 4-5 hrs indoors a week then add back outdoors Saturdays for distance come April or so (2-3 hr long ride)


I began my first 6 weeks SSB Mid Volume I Nov 24th 2020 and I tested at 235w (3.23 w/kg).
Jan 6th 2021 I was ready to start my 2nd 6 weeks SSB Mid Volume II and I started with a ramp test. I was really impressed with the results. 247w (3.40 w/kg). which is a 5% increase.
Let see what the next 6 weeks will bring - SSB Mid Volume II looks fun :wink:

Nov 2020: 235w (3.23 w/kg)
Jan 2021: 247w (3.40 w/kg)

Btw all of my training has been done on Trainer Road with a couple of days that includes swimming. Also, all the rides on Trainer Road are done in a Group Workout (one other person) wouldn’t have done it any other way. Glad that we are able to workout together.


I’ve spent the last two years focusing on running. Working from home during COVID offered me a chance to get back into the saddle. My first FTP was at 170w. My doubts began to form after 3 weeks of SSB High Vol I as the workouts felt ‘easy’. I stayed with my training after reading many encouraging posts - believe in the process. I am so glad I did. I got 180w in today’s ramp test! Phase II seems a lot more challenging with longer intervals at sweet spot, but I am stoked.

I ride 5 days on the trainer and 1 day outdoor. I also incorporated strength and core workouts twice a week. Can’t wait for the next build.


Hello everyone,

I have just finished ssb1 and ssb 2 high volume (now 5rh week is over) and today i did zwift race instead of last Sweetspot workout. In the race i did 12 mins 302 watt and 2 mins 100w and then hit 333watt for 20mins. My last ramp test result (end of ssbhv1) was 310watt ftp. And today i hit 333w for 20 mins so my new ftp 317w (i think its higher than that beacause i hit 12 mins 302watt before that 20mins). So my scheculed ftp test one week later and i will see where i am.

So i have a question a about my future plans. I will not race until 6th months of the year (because of covid) and i just want to improve my ftp and loose 4-5kgs more. I have just followed 12 weeks Sweetspot high volume plan. Which plan should i go with i dont know. I dont have planned race so should i do Sweetspot again? Or go to build? (General build maybe?) if i do ssb hv 1-2 again for 12 weeks can i imrpove my fitness again?

For info
Ssb1 hv 297w started ftp
310w end of ssb1
Ssbhv2 5th week zwift race 317 or a little bit higher ftp.

Todays race results
12 mins 302w
2.5 mins 152w
20mins 333w


Awesome :clap:

Your FTP is your 95% of 20min after a rigorous warm up that depletes anaerobic energy and just leaves aerobic strength. So depending when the 20min max occured in the race 95% may not be valid. But its still an awesome effort and even if the 20mins max was set right out of the traps, without that rigorous warm up, circa 90% would approximate an FTP :+1:


As i said i did 12 mins 302watt before that 20 mins efforts. So does it count as a rigorous warm up? And also i am on the fifth week of ssb high volume 2 so i didnt do reco week yet before this race.

And for my question which one should i go; base again or buld if i dont have following race for following 5 or 6 months.


Agree with @HLaB. The previous 12’@302w did not deplete your anaerobic system since they were done at even lower power that the 20’ power.
But the FTP should not be far from that number anyway. Good effort!

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Last ramptest i got 218. I adjusted the ftp to 220. The following month i raised every over/under workout about 3%.
I felt very well with all the workouts i have done in this month.
Ramptest today 224 watt, my weight is stable.


So far I have done all my workouts first thing in morning. But at last week I had 1 day off work, so I decided to do later on day. I had Avalanche Spire +1 in my program (GBMV week 3). I hop on bike and start workout be ready for hard session. What a hell, is my Kickr broken, no resistance!? It felt so easy, I had to adjust 105% intesitety that O/U feels like it should. Weekend I also did my workouts (Junction-1 and Tallac+3) first time after breakfast and same thing, I had to adjust intesitety 104-105% to reach correct RPE and HR. Amazing feel. By the way the microburst part of Junction-1 was the hardest i have done this far. Terrible!

What I learn is that I decided not to do early morning workouts anymore as I perform much better quality later. And possible races and group rides in summer are also in afternoon/evening. Now I´m on my rest week. Next week at start of last part of GBMV I thought to bump up my FTP 4% and skip ramp test. I think I underperform in ramp test because of VO2max is my weakness. VO2max workouts feels absolute brutal and I´m always scaring if I fail, but with same ftp adjustment threshold and SS are totally doable.

I have also lost 2-3kg while gaining power, so I´m really happy now with my progress.


Ramp tested tonight after completing SSBLV1 with some extra rides thrown in. All of the sweet spot workouts felt great, struggled with threshold workouts but gave them my best shot. Rewarded with a bigger than expected FTP bump (+11w) and set a new max heart rate for myself. I feel like I went harder on this one than I ever have before, and at the end had a heavy iron taste in my mouth. After many months of fun outdoor riding (and a relatively stagnant FTP) I’m super happy to get this bump.


October: 244
November: 260
December: 270
Today: 275

Pretty happy with my results thus far.


Its just so demoralizing FTP scores :frowning: Really felt it was going to be more than that, training went really well, hardly missed any sessions (apart from swimming) Still Base is done and moving onto build whatever that is (TR newbie)

Late October 204W
Today 220W

(Plus a extra 2kg which iI am pretty sure is muscle due to using recovery drinks after workouts, its on you Amber its on you !! )


Nice. I hit 376 for 20 min the same week… But I was several KGs heavier than your likely current mass. Now I’m up outside of your old lifting weight class after taking December “off-ish.”

Oh, and I just bought a rack and barbell, so even if my body comp improves, mass isn’t likely to drop below 85kg.


Another small bump 212 to 219. Just finished base. I shouldn’t have looked at my phone during the test but I did. Just kept going and turned the phone around to see I had improved over my last test and sort of faded after that. I probably could have gone longer if I hadn’t looked… smh…

BUT I will say I was rewarded for being consistent. I wasn’t consistent in my training June - Dec. (Work stress, dealing with this pandemic, etc.) And only saw a 5 watt increase over 6 months.

I’ve been Very consistent with my training and saw a 5 watt bump over the last 30 days. So that is encouraging…

|April 2020 - 195
|June 2020 - 207
|Dec 2020 - 212
|Jan 2021 - 219


After six weeks of SSB my ftp stayed more or less the same at 239 (dec) to 236 yesterday.

That was my 2nd ramp test on rollers, earlier I did them on a kickr, which I sold.
The ramp test is considerably more difficult on rollers, staying balanced and trying not to fall off while cadencing and pulsating yourself to death is quite different to ramping on ERG.

At least I did not end the ramp test falling off as last time :wink:

So somehow I guess I would do better on a stationary trainer with accurate power measuring, but ftp is only a number for me defining my workout levels. And since I am doing these workouts on the same rollers with the same “power meter” it is fine.


Been doing TR workouts for 3 months now; following the plan strictly, doing 600+ TSS a week at around 15 hours, haven’t improved at all.

Maybe not by a metric but you should have improved fitness wise. I wouldn’t be concerned about a metric not improving just you are consistent with your training and not overtraining. :+1:

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Your FTP might not improve but your repeatability definitely should.

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Hey guys and girls,

i thought about sharing my progress, especially since i’ve become a proud father in january 2020 and still made the biggest leaps so far.

I started with an FTP of 279W at 106kg
Rode for a year without any structure but with a powermeter and improved to 320W but the more significant change was, that my weight went down rapidly to around 82kg give or take
Last year when my son was born, i switched to structure, fist mid volume, but the quickly realized that this was too much for me. Swallowed the ego, went down to low volume and increased my resting periods. Gained a couple of kilos back (right now att about 90kg) but i feel better then ever. I also recorded an FTP of 419 in the beginning of this year 2021 so i am absolutely stocked by that.

Next goal would be to slowly increase volume so i can improve my ftp even further. Loosing weight is not on my radar atm but i would not mind loosing a few again to push up that w/kg :slight_smile:


That’s still a great w/kg, especially at low volume, and congrats on the insane FTP! Wouldn’t want to race against you!

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