Your FTP improvements

Why did you have a few months where FTP went down? Missed workouts?

It’s not always so easy to improve in a straight line. Sometimes you’re overworked, or just need a rest day, or do more unstructured rides.

Up until the end of April 2023 I was running the criterium low volume plan. After my race that month I switched to a TT plan to work on my weak area. The longer intervals killed me for a while. Later in the fall I switched to the Rolling Road Race plan and my FTP started climbing again. I also added more volume in November (went from 3-5 hrs per week to 5-7 hrs per week).

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Appreciate the reply. I’m only a few months in and still seeing 5-8 W increase (via AI detection) each month. Relatively untrained cardio, so I love hearing about the long term trajectory others experience!

48 years old. I have been doing plans according to the races I want to be on the year. I am selecting the high volume plan, which I follow strictly with the difference that I change some weekends workouts for a long group ride, normally 3 or more hours. My FTP progress is minimal, just a couple of watts each detection, some times it detects lower number specially after a race A with long tapering and rest weeks. May be I was overtraining? I don’t know, I was expecting the plans to automatically adapt based on my long rides on weekends. Before starting TR plans, I was doing my own plans based on the book Training with a power meter from Hunter and coggan, monitoring my fatigue and tapering with “Elevate”, and I made impressive FTP jumps from 198 to 240 in just 5 months, now with TR I got 2 years and still stuck under 240. Something seems not right for me, hopefully the new RLGL could help here.

@Jorgito, I’d be curious to see a chart of your TSS over these past 2 years. As you said, something doesn’t seem right. I’m 10 years older than you, and I also do HV plans. I’ve only come to TR in November, and my FTP has continued to improve. One thing I don’t do is follow TR’s version of recovery weeks. I shoot for 50-60% of the TSS for the week preceeding. And now that RLGL is out, my approach has been validated.

I did TR for a little over a year last year and noticed I was around my max FTP based on my last few years history of using TR previously. I decided to go with a coach this year for several months based on my A-event since I wanted to try something different. Since you have experience being self-coached it would probably be worth your while and dollars to get a consultation from a coach to see what they think you could do to break your plateau.

Here you go

Thanks for sharing this. I’m certainly no coach, and I slept in my own bed last night. :rofl: But when I look at your chart for clues, I think I see a lack of consistency for steady FTP growth. You have many great TSS weeks, but then they often inversely taper downward for several weeks afterward.

Of course, neither of us are paid to train and ride bikes, and life gets in the way of our avocations. But that said, I think I’m seeing a lot of times where TSS week over week is stepping down and not stepping up to the next recovery week.

Hopefully some who know better than me will weigh in.

instead of coaching my self I decided just to follow the TR plans (AI coaching). But probably I need to apply some of my self-coaching experience with the TR Plans. You want sometimes to better trust the algorithms than your experience thinking you can make mistakes and the machine no. It is or an AI coaching or a human coach, so I guess it would be TR ai coach until the end of this year and then I will re-evaluate.

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