Your FTP improvements

I am fairly new to cycling. I bought my first road bike on January 25 2021. I was just cycling 5-7 times a week until June. I got addicted and wanted to get stronger coz most of the friends I met I couldnt keep up.
So on May I bought my first clipless pedals, left crank PM and Indoor trainer (Used Elite Direto).

May 2021: 208 at 82KG (173 cm)
Aug 2021: 235 at 78KG
Oct 2021: 250 at 76KG
Dec 2021: 265 at 75KG

On August 2022 I was hit with COVID but kept training and I became overfatigued and completely burnt out because of that. I had no idea of the so called off season because I was new and was addicted to cycling. I took a break for 6 months. On Feb 2023 I started cycling again but this time I did not care about power at all and just wanted to enjoy cycling atm. On march I started to come back to training and did the Active Offseason plan on zwift. Also got new assioma duo shis coz my left PM broke.

March 2023: 223 at 88KG
June 2023: 256 at 85KG
Sep 2023: 264 at 81KG
Dec 2023: 273 at 80KG


Wow man stick with it. You get pretty strong pretty fast haha. I wonder what a consistent couple years would do.


About 3 months in on the custom plan builder gran fondo. Riding for about 18 months total. 315-338 in those 3 months. I used zwift before i started this plan and was probably 220ish when i started out. 42, 6’4, 91kg, 3.71w/kg. Would love to lose 5 more kg and get to 4w/kg.


I have been using TR now for 12 months, mostly on a low volume SS plan. I am a male in my mid-fifties and my primary goal is to ride brevets comfortably.

My ftp went from 130 to 190. While it’s nigh impossible to say whether starting and ending FTP are accurate, I do feel stronger, and I can ride faster for longer. Earlier this year I rode a 400K, my first ever.

The 130 was a real low point as a gained some real weight and gotten very inactive due to Covid.

Reading Joe Friel’s “Fast after 50” I am hoping that over the next 2 years I can add another 60 points to my FTP. Of course, only time will tell.


Just did another impromptu 20-minute test: 283W for 20 minutes! Having a really good year, despite a late start in late April. Not using Trainerroad this year, by the way. Simply 1-2 spaced out structured sessions (SST / Treshold progression) per week IF I feel good that day + as much endurance riding (by RPE, IF usually quite low, below 0.65) as I can fit in.

The year to year progression is super visible when looking at relative power table.

In total that brings me from an estimated FTP of ~200W (2.5 W/kg, my first test ever) up to ~270W (3.6 W/kg) just now.

Last year I peaked in August but I’m still super motivated and feeling fresh so hoping to squeeze out another few watts this year before taking a short break over the winter.


We’re toward the end of 2023 so I thought I’d check to see how I’ve done for the year.

In 2021 I did 2 outdoor unstructured rides per week (1-2hrs each typically), in 2022 I did 3 outdoor unstructured rides per week (1 hour x2 and a weekend ride of 1-3hrs). In 2023 I mostly did TR 3 days per week, with outdoor rides sprinkled in on the weekends. In most of 2023 I rode 3-5hrs per week but in October or so I bumped it up to 5-7hrs per week (with the addition of Z2 instead of just SS/Threshold/V02/Sprints). While I’m more of an anaerobic type rider what has been most interesting to me is when I was riding at a steady 200w before I would struggle to keep my HR below 140bpm, but now I can ride at a steady 230w and ride at 130-135bpm (James TR workout, w FTP set at 311) :sunglasses:

Raw watts:



So i started my structured training again in the start of december. Ived done a fine block of master plan base, but unfortunaly, no improvements what so ever in FTP which i think is a surprise and a very negative result for me. I for sure have not lost any weight either.

Normally i add a lot of watts when i start structured work, but this year i have tried to keep cycling through off season with a couple of zwift sessions and added weight training. i Thought it would be nice to start off with a FTP that is 30watts better than usual after off season, but still a big dissapointment not to add anything to the ftp for the first block.


Just banged out an old school 20’ FTP test after a recovery which was preceded by a Fas Cat style base 1 program. Before that a lot of just base riding. For curiousity’s sake I did an AI FTP detection test and it was way off - not really surprising because I haven’t done any TR workouts for the last few months and I’ve just been using the workout player.

Anyhow, on to my result - I averaged 289 for the 20’ test which results in a 275 ftp…highest of the year. I"m pretty stoked on that result, but my training zones will be getting harder…:slight_smile: More gains on the way.


Age 32 coming off a years worth of enthusiast riding, I started structured training with TR on August first, and have been able to increase my (AI) FTP by thirty in five months (and effectively took November off).

Obviously number go up = good, but I am not sure how my improvement stacks to others. I know we all come from different batches, so there will never be a direct comparison. Started with the Medium Volume plan and rode it like it was Low Volume up till my first A-Race late November, and then switched to Low volume first week of December, which just wrapped up its first build phase.

Is this a good rate of progress?


That’s a 13.7% improvement in 5 months. That’s good. In the past ~1 year I’ve had the exact same percentage increase :slight_smile:


after a few years of ups and downs, finally strung together some consistent training and thanks to TrainerRoad broke the 4.0 w/kg barrier (4.19 w/kg after last AI detection). I’m turning 52 this year so hoping things don’t fall off a cliff soon and the trend can keep heading in same direction :wink:

All I can say is thank Gawd for AI detection!


How are you running ai detection so frequently?

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Well done on your last 17 weeks, I can only dream of an improvement like this!

Have you been doing anything differently since Sept ?

My numbers/age/weight were similar to yours in Sept, but I’ve only seen a 13 watts increase since then, which is about a 5% improvement.

You’ve added 49 watts which is 19.44% in the same period!

Not sure if I’m feeling inspired, or depressed, but am very jealous.

Congratulations on a fantastic effort.

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What an increase! Don’t leave us hangin’, What have you changed? :thinking:

Been cycling on and off for 15 years, consistently following TrainerRoad plans since March of last year. Currently at 63kg, only change I make to the plans is adding endurance volume and usually lowering the intensity of the endurance workouts.


It’s just automatically setting them after those workouts (labelled as “ftp adjustment” and not an A.I. detection)

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Interestingly enough, started using Oura Ring and trying to hit my sleep goals! (Which sleep was kind of an after thought the last few years.

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Thank you - consistency is definitely key and currently in 2nd year of mid volume plan - have barely missed a workout in 2 yrs I think. Things were pretty stagnant until this last year - did a cycling trip to Italy in September and lit a fire to climb better - so also have learned push / suffer a little more (was getting pretty soft mentally for a while!)

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Started cycling in April 2019.
In December 2020 got smart trainer, did i don`t remember which traing back then in Zwift and in February 2021 got FTP of 263w or 4,4w/kg.

Last year in October i started using TR and when i did first Ramp Test i gor 233w, now since two months of training i am at 247w. I weight 60kg :slight_smile:

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Most surprised to get a decent FTP bump today.

History has been

AI October: 243
Manually set 250 after doing 262w for 45mins outside.
Turned down few lower AI detections until
AI Jan: 253

Just got back from a weeks holiday last week, failed the last interval of a 3x10 over-under threshold workout (felt unwell) and to my surprise I got an AI FTP popup after my recovery workout today;


I haven’t felt like I’ve earned a bump in my threshold sessions, they’ve felt a fair bit more challenging than usual - in particular the overs of under-overs. Wondering if I should test or just stick with it for as long as I’m completing my workouts