Your City & Social Distancing -- Pics/Vids

With COVID and all the preventative measures currently sweeping the globe, there are a ton of eerie and weird urban landscapes out there at the moment.

Share your pics and/or vids to show how social distancing has altered your city, town, encampment.

(Hope the vid works!)

Not the most on-topic pic but here goes…

Speed graph from 2+ hour ride yesterday

  • first drop to 0mph to walk around barrier and use closed road (new neighborhood under construction)
  • second drop to 0mph because I forgot to roll up to crosswalk button and trigger the light at one of several main intersections in town. Once I did that the light turned green within ~5 seconds.

usually 30-40 minutes of traffic light stops on that route. I’ve been meaning to snap a photo of the empty streets.

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Took this a few nights ago. Got that deserted futurism vibe.


Downtown Sacramento