Your best bib short recommendations

Just got some Assos GT Mille…wow, it’s another level of comfort.


Depends on a few things.
If you only have one pair of bibs and are training that much, then yes a year seems reasonable and I can’t imagine a way to keep things sanitary.
Also depends on the quality of the bibs. I’ve had some cheaper pairs wear out in a 2 years of regular wear in my rotation of approximately 5 pairs of bibs.
Definitely should be more than a year though as long as you aren’t putting them in the dryer or anything like that.

Ok. Thx. I have about 6 pairs of bib that I rotate. I was just curious how long most people expect to get out of their bibs. Most of them are Verge and I’m happy w them.

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I’m partial to Assos but i’m planning on trying some Santini’s as well

I’m thinking of picking up some bib shorts with pockets, Rapha Cargo, Nukeproof Blackline Storage etc type of thing. Are there any brands that make some with colour accents? I’m loathe to wear all black these days after seeing so many accidents.

Bibs I currently have and when I bought them:

  • Decathlon mid-range (Summer 2019)
  • Castelli Free Aero Race 4 (summer 2019)
  • dhb Aeron (Fall 2019)
  • Assos Equipe S7 Evo (March 2020)
  • Assos S9 (July 2020)

They all get worn once a week. My favorite by an absolute mile are the Assos S7. I’ve worn them on a 9 hour ride in the Alps, butt was fine at the end. The leg grippers are awesome, they don’t slide, but it’s an absolute breeze to pull them over knee warmers in one go. I like the Kookoo nest or whatever it’s called, there’s actually room for your junk, not like the other brands that apparently get designed on Ken dolls. I always save both Assos for the longest or hardest rides in the week. The material of the Decathlon and dhb chamois will give me a sore spot on the right sitbone, the material is almost a little abrasive. The Castelli and the Assos chamois are very easy on the skin. The Assos both still look brand new.


I wouldn’t expect cars to see color on shorts. Add that color to your shoes or socks. Something that rotates will catch their eye much faster than the small part of your bibs that is visible.

I am not trying to derail this thread, but does anyone else find bib shorts to be uncomfortable? I tried them a few times, but I just didn’t see the fascination with them. There was this pocked of air that existed between my lower belly and shorts. The straps were uncomfortable, too. These were Rapha bibs. I used Rapha shorts 95% of the time.

I’m a fan of bibs. I don’t get nearly as uncomfortable down below, presumably because bibs don’t shift as easily as shorts. Also, having a bit of belly fat makes some short uncomfortable just because the waist doesn’t like to stay in one spot.

I currently have 3 shorts (Bellwether) or bibs (Voler), but really only like one pair (Craft).

Your endorsement and a few reviews online convinced me to get a couple Equipe s7 bibs from the Assos Archive sale.

Very excited to have a good rotation of comfy bibs as I am spending a cold northeast winter indoors!! 3-5 hour TR rides will be more doable!

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I wonder if the straps were too short for you, causing undue pressure on your shoulders and being under more tension creating that air gap? Another thing, one of my disagreements with manufacturers is that higher end bibs often have really thin mesh shoulder straps, and the lower end bibs have wider, heavier ‘webbing’ straps. I find that webbing straps can’t bunch up and therefore distribute the pressure better, where mesh straps can turn into spaghetti straps and are more noticable.

But generally no, much prefer bibs because I hate cinching shorts tightly.

I used my Castelli Free Aero Race 4 again yesterday for a trainer endurance ride. When I rinsed them out in the shower afterwards, a piece of gel fell out of the V shape opening at back end of the chamois, looks like the damn thing has come apart inside. Considering I paid 140 € for these 1.5 years ago, I expected a bit more durability out of them. That’s the last pair of Castelli bibs I’ll ever buy.

My Assos bibs last me years and I ride a lot.

Castelli bibs…provided you are not big…I squeeze into M at 5’7’’ and 61kg - that said I prefer the Kiss air pad on the cheaper versions to the pad mentioned above - I have 6 pairs - all with weird Italian sounding names but all from the bottom of the range - and brought in the sales…never paid more than £55 for a pair of Castellis

If you’re going high(er)-end, the Rapha Pro Team bibs are very nice. They’re expensive ($270) but I’ve done numerous 3hr trainer rides on them now and find they do a great job. I wear a Small at 5’11 (180cm?) and 158lbs or 71.5ish Kg. The Assos Equipe bibs are also super nice. Again, I wear a Small with those too.

If you want to go cheap, and I know this is a contentious topic, but I think the Black Bibs bibs are good when you consider the price. Obviously, they’re not as nice as the Rapha or Assos bibs but they’re also $60ish compared to $250ish. I wear a Small in the Black Bibs but they almost feel slightly too big?.. Idk, I have relatively broad shoulders so I usually wear M/L tops but S for bottoms.

Can anyone recommend a CARGO bib short? Use will be training and bikepacking. Figure having a couple extra pockets for food/hat/buff/gloves…etc could be useful.

I know Rapha makes them at $270. Wondering if those are worthy or if there’s other options.

Something on the thicker/warmer side would be best, but not thermal ones.

Rapha also makes a set of Core Cargo bibs that are more like $130-$150. They seem a bit thicker than they’re normal Core bibs but definitely not thermal.

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I have the Rapha ones but these also look good at a better price.

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I do prefer the rear pockets a bit more on the rapha ones but for nearly 50% of the price these are really good. Their ‘ultimate’ line is a significant step up from their other bibs.

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Check out the Cache Bib from Voler. Can’t attest to these specifically, but Voler stuff is quite good.