Your best bib short recommendations


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I wear the same size in Assos Rs9 and Rapha Pro.

My experience with Assos Rs9’s vs. Rapha Classic - Medium Assos fit me really well, medium Rapha had annoyingly tight leg bands, but felt pretty loose and non-compressive elsewhere. They were not wrinkling up or anything, just not compressive like the Assos. The compression factor is probably more of preference thing, but the Rapha leg bands were a total no-go for me. For reference, I’m about 6’ and 166 lbs and have pretty skinny legs. I’ve never had leg bands bother me before.

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I’ve recently picked up current year Gore C7 Long distance, Pearl Izumi Pro, Le Col, Assos, and Craft.

My top pick is Assos Centos
Gore C7s are a close second
Jury is still out on the Le Col Wiggins, but after one ride I’m leaning toward them being on par with C7s (Strava challenge discount.)
Assos Mille are good for 50, but some days they need chamois cream.
Pearl Izumi Pros & Craft high end are okay for 40 mile rides, but require chamois cream for anything longer.

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Anyone have experience with Eliel Cycling? Stumbled across it and seems like kind of a funky brand, which I can certainly get behind, but don’t feel like paying a bunch of money for garbage just cause it’s a little funky.

Have ordered some, will let you know!

i’ve recently bought a few DHB Aeron and DHB Aeron XCs. Very impressive. Can definitely recommend. I have issues with these longer shorts with them digging into the tendon on the back of my knee (looking at your MAAP), whilst dhb put soft folded fabric in this sensitive area, and grippy grips at the front of my leg. Very thoughtful design and very very impressive for the price!


Pactimo on big sale again including bibs.

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Eliel has gotten a TON of attention lately from the California squads I see, with people like Isabel King (king_iz@ on Insta) and Vegan Cyclist wearing their kit. I think it looks dope AF, in the parlance of today’s youths, but expensive kit + international shipping + EU import duties = yikes.

Maybe when I’m back in the US at some point.

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Eliel is by far my favorite kit that I’ve worn, and I’ve worn lots of the other top brand’s stuff. Their designs are pretty awesome, and they fit me personally better than others. I am an ambassador for Eliel and applications for 2021 are open right now, let me know if you’d be interested in applying!


Went to the website and I love the rincon jersey. However, the smallest size for men is SM. I wear XS for PNS. May I know which size I should go for?

I just got some CHPT3 “Defiant” bibs. I’ve only worn them on the trainer so far as they only turned up today, but WOW are they nice. My wife has some Rapha Classic IIs, and the CHPT3 material has that same luxurious softness, but they’re actually very compressive with it. And the chamois is fantastic (Castelli Progetto X2). Feels like I’m floating on the saddle.
My only slight gripe is that the straps have a tendency to bunch up a bit. I can’t tell its happening from a comfort point of view though, and it might not happen at all with a Jersey on over the top.
I’m so impressed with them that I’m giving serious thought to buying another pair right now, the same day that they were delivered. The only thing stopping me is my bank balance!

Any idea if they have or intend to set up a European distribution ? As per an earlier comment the kit looks dope and the feedback seems great but the cost to buy and import from the US to England is too much at the moment?

Cheers :grin:

As far as I can tell, Small is the smallest size they make right now. Here’s the size chart so you can see if that’ll work for you!

Just bought my 4th Eliel jersey. Pricey, but they do go on sale now and then, and they have a cool aesthetic as well as some nice little details you WON’T often get on similarly priced kit (like the little zipper garages" and a mix of diff fabrics in a single jersey). They have jerseys with raglan cut sleeves and “regular” inset sleeves, and they don’t cheap out on the zippers. I’m kind of new to cycling, I’m a taller & bigger female (5’10" and 150lbs), so I’m doing the Goldilocks thing with kit, trying out a lot of brands looking for “just right.” In my experience, Eliel sleeves are long enough, the silicone band stays put on the jerseys and it’s a full strip…not a skimpy little trickle of silicone. Slim cut is slim cut but not so tight that you’re left wondering if they were actually designed for petite Japanese pros (cough cough Pearl Izumi). Sizing, for me, has been dead consistent across the jerseys, and I’ve got 3 diff jersey types. I don’t like flashy jerseys with a bunch of words and logos all over them, so these have been pure gold for me. I have plain navy, plain dark green, plain plum, and a maroon jersey with some “fun sleeves.” Even their funkier jerseys are still classy and interesting. I haven’t tried the bibs yet, because they don’t have anything with an inseam longer than 8 inches (grrrr…) unless I want to wear men’s bibs. I otherwise like the brand so much that I might just try the dude shorts if they go on sale.


I’m too new to qualify for an ambassador of anything, but I’m immediately a brand fan of Eliel. Good luck making more converts, just don’t TOTALLY let the cat out of the bag on the brand, I’ll have to fight even harder to get my size before it sells out :smiley:

Awesome thanks for the detailed feedback!

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For the triathletes out there NeoPro announced tri suits and they’re really reasonably priced.

Eh, like MLK said, “I have a dream… that no cycling apparel company will make some crap jersey without raw edge sleeves ever again”. Or something to that effect.

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My set up : 40 eur / pcs Vaude active bib shorts for indoor rides. Good padding for max 2 hours rides, overall i think good value for the money. I currently have 4 pieces.
For long outdoor rides i am using assos rs s9, now i have 2 pieces. This was the most expensive bibs i ve bought but despite the price i really like the comfort annd of course the look of it.