Your best bib short recommendations - 2018-2022ish

Individual is right. My 16 hour same pair of bibs double century was five years ago and on Voler bibs - no chamois cream, zero discomfort and no numbness. After our club switched to Pactimo that was any eye opener, the 12 hour chamois is soooooo much better. Then I tried another not-12-hour Pactimo bib and can’t stand it, just doesn’t fit me. Weird.

I’ve tried chamois cream several times over the years and every single time it has the opposite effect - I just can’t use it.

I have never been a regular user until this summer when I started getting out for 4hrs or more regularly in the heat. It’s made a huge difference in in-ride and post-ride comfort. When I first used it back in 2006, I hated it, didn’t see the point. Now I apply it in specific hot-spot or discomfort areas and use it liberally there, and it has made a dramatic difference for me.

It just didn’t help those Assos bibs… :man_shrugging:


Anyone here have experience with the Castelli Endurance 3 Bibs and/or the Progetto x2 chamois?

My oldest Rapha Core is just about out of life and I’m looking to try something else. I’d say the chamois is “ok” but certainly never been an all-day thing (though I have done a few 7-ish hour rides with them…).

Been using their stuff for a bit now. Have a few pairs of their chroma men’s bibs and find them to be super comfortable. The chamois is smaller than most but is held well and the paneling is well done and comfortable.

One thing I don’t love with being a bit taller is how short they are in the back, I find that there can be a very narrow margin between the bottom of the jersey and the top of the bibs.

Regarding the jerseys I’m not the biggest fan, materials and for are generally good but I find them a bit thinner than maap/pas normal/assist.
The material also has very visible sweat stains.

Overall I highly recommend their bibs but maybe try the jersey with caution.

(Reviewing woman’s bibs, fwiw): Gobik (haven’t seen them mentioned yet–love them) and Pactimo (ascent vectors) are my favorites. I hate my Castellis, though the higher end ones are okay on the trainer. But still looking for a unicorn pair of drop tail bibs with a good chamois that don’t have a clip in the front and don’t cost a fortune. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll end up having to compromise on the fortune part.

I’m almost always the opposite. Have my go to long indoor ride bibs that I swear by. Totally fine on just about anything outdoors. I assume sue to being out of the saddle and moving around more outside?

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Usually, yes. That said, I have my TT bike on the trainer right now, so obviously shorts that work in TT position with an ISM saddle (sitting more forward and on the pelvic bones) aren’t going to be the same as those that work on a regular road saddle (sitting back on the sit bones).

Not women’s but I got Gobik last November in Tenerife and until a few weeks ago they have been my go to bibs (unfortunately we are into longs season now in UK).

I got a pair of Castelli bibs shorts last year and Ive had a couple of pairs of their bib longs; they work for me :neutral_face:

For those people that dislike Assos - which range are you using? I love my Equipe bibs but can’t stand the Mille “comfort” fit ones.

THIS :100: the new Mille have too much padding, the new Equipe are like the old Mille which were my fave. Part of my problem is that I’m right between Assos sizes. The chamois on a large can bunch up on me, whereas the medium can be a bit too snug.

I have Equipe and the chamois just doesn’t agree with me outside on my road bike. It’s fine on my TT bike with a different sit position for whatever reason.

From most favourite to least

  1. Velocio concept (my goto, which I always plan to use on longer rides) (ticks all the boxes)
  2. Rapha - Mens Pro Team II Bib Shorts (very comfortable, a bit warmer than the velocio)
  3. Castelli Velocissimo 4 Bib (a bit tight)
  4. PNS Essential Bibs (a bit loose, especially on the strap)
  5. Assos Mille GT Summer GTO C2 Bib (probably too tight, but bought the recommended size. seams started to come apart, so got returned under warranty)

The Progettox2 chamois is very nice, and I’ll still occasionally use their bibs.

However, I ran into issues with the stitching that attaches the chamois to the bibs causing chafing after a few hours of use, so I’ve moved onto Assos which specifically has no stitching in this area as a feature.

YMMV if you don’t have hams like I do.

It seems like a lot of people are discussing chamois they like for long rides, what sort of chamois/bibs are better for shorter efforts like road or XC races? Use the Castelli Insider short on the trainer mostly, find the chamois does get saturated with sweat and then can cause some genital chaffing with longer rides on the trainer, are there chamois that may be better for indoor riding that wick sweat away faster to keep things dry?

Have been using their bib shorts for a few years now. Hard to go past the value for money! They’ve lasted really well too!

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Agree. I have a pair of their bib shorts. A couple jerseys and their winter jacket. The winter jacket is comfortable and super warm

Just finished my first indoor workout with the Castelli bibs (size XL) with the Progetto chamois. And yeah… I think I need to buy a couple more pairs.

90 minutes and I feel like my rump could do another hour no problem. The chamois is much smaller than the Rapha Core (size L) and strangely places me further back on the saddle - properly on the wings rather than in the middle. I don’t get rubbing on my inner thighs and no numbness “there”.

This is probably specific to the Endurance 3 bibs, but the straps aren’t as comfortable as the Core, and there’s a seam that runs up towards my belly that rubs a little. Minor compared the increased comfort.

I also managed to snag these for 50% off… $80/pair.

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