WTF TR: estimated FTP test was replaced with Goddard -4 and then TR adapted it to Needham (9.6)

Basically all in the subject line. I have a ramp scheduled today but opted for the estimate. As expected, it swapped in Goddard -4. I then logged in on my desktop and AT didn’t even ask me before replacing that with Needham (9.6; not recommended.)

I’m just going to replace it for Goddard but any idea what happened here? I’ve already filed a support ticket. It just makes no sense – my SS PL was 3.8 but the new FTP bumped it down to 3.0.

This is likely a bug and best submitted to TR via email to or the Early Access page related to the AI FTP Detection.


The program saw that you logged on and thought you could handle anything. :smiley:


Thanks, I have a ticket open but was just curious if anyone had run into this before.


Hi seanr,
I just had the same experience. Used the new FTP detection feature and the adaptations recommended Needham.
I will also send feedback.
Screenshot 2022-02-27 171907

same problem here

My Goddard -4 adapted correctly to a level 3.5 sweetspot workout.

Your experiences definitely seem to be the result of a bug.

I had a similar problem where I had a decent bump in FTP. My PLs went down as they should have, but all of my AT selected workouts were based on my old PLs. I ended up manually changing my workouts, as all of them were “stretch” and looked fairly impossible to complete.

If the new workout instead of Goddard -4 seems outside of reasonable AT logic, contact

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Just had exactly this. Ramp test replaced with Needham after accepting AI FTP detection. No way!

It would be funny if the recommended workout was changed to disaster on april 1.