Wrong outside workout assigned for Aniachak -1

Looking to plan my weekend rides, I noticed that Aniachak -1 converts to Karakul for outside workouts. The profile of the intervals is very different, and the TSS is only 100 vs. 119. Aniachak and -2 load correctly equivalent workouts.

Aniakchak -1 begins with 3x5-minute Endurance intervals between 60-70% FTP that each conclude with a 10-second sprint between 180-200% FTP. The second part consists of almost 70 minutes of Tempo work between 80-87% FTP with short bouts of aerobic Endurance riding at 55-65% FTP separating each interval.

Main Set:

  • 6x7 minute cadence ladders between 183-196 watts. The first 4 minutes should have a higher cadence, and the final 3 should have higher power.

  • 5 minutes easy between intervals.

  • After main set, ride 30 minutes steady at 132.

Hey there @llmonty,

For workouts that are part of a training plan, we have one-to-one relationships for each of the workouts. What this means is that each workout has an identical outdoor workout by the same name.

We are working on bringing this 1:1 relationship to the remaining workouts, but it is a manual process that takes time. For now, some workouts, such as Aniakchak -1, have a one-to-many relationship where one outdoor workout is linked to many indoor workouts. This means that they are not always a perfect match, but they aim to target the same energy systems in an outdoor-friendly format.

If you want to make up the additional 19 TSS, one step you can take would be to extend your workout by adding another work interval for a total of 7x7 minute cadence ladders. This would extend your workout by around 15 min and would help make up some of that TSS difference.