World's Worst Ramp Test Playlist

Kurt could see into the future. Now we know why he did it!
Great mash up.

Edit: One of my favourite songs. He’s a local, so I’m probably biased.
I’d struggle to get motivated with this.

It’s a hard task to pick depressing songs as most of them pipe up towards the end.
NIN. Hurt. Even the Johnny version.
Leonard Cohen. Everybody knows.
Lou had a few.
Sooooo many.

I’m thinking Rick rolled Nirvana followed by the rest for next ramp test now.
It might just be the secret sauce I need! Angry Ross!

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5 hours into a ramp test. You nailed it!

Jpolchlopek? JPOLCHLOPEK? Where did he go?

Tune! I’d forgotten about that one. NIN v Taylor Swift is ace as well.

Radiohead - No Surprises and everything else on that album.

I’m disappointed at the lack of Kenny G in this thread.

The worst is when I would mess up the timing and get an ad right at 18-19 minutes. Home Depot ads (more saving! more doing!) reminding me of all the stuff I’ve got to do around the house are instant killers. Just bit the bullet and got premium this week so that won’t be a problem in the future.


Kenny G and Michael Bolton (I’m a fan of his entire catalog) double hit:

However, that hair has to add a few watts to your ramp test results.

And I will also raise you a Bobby Valentino (the title says it all as to why it’s a ramp test killer):


(police approach jpolchlopek’s lycra-clad body, lying next to shotgun and still wearing headphones)

Detective: Another life, cut short by the Kidz Bop playlist epidemic.

(pulls sheet over body)


Unfolds its subtle effect by making you feel ridiculous…

Just grab the “Christmas Playlist” any local grocery store or doctor’s office is using.

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Been awhile since I’ve heard this but I’d have trouble riding hard listening to it…

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Any of the Led Zeppelin stuff – Stairway to Heaven.

HUGE Billy Joel fan, but his new stuff would not work for a ramp test. Classical

I had no idea that the words to this song were so depressing. And now I have it stuck in my head! lol

I’ll do this next Monday.

Second detective says “15 watt drop in FTP. Another damned shame”. He then hits discard workout on the laptop to save the family any further shame.

RIP. @jpolchlopek. He will be remembered at his best W/KG for all eternity.


That is all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Haha. “Extend cooldown theme”

This could actually be on the “ironically ftp boosting playlist”. :wink:
“So you say all your hope us gone?
Then what’s the use in trying?”
Man, I am intrigued by this alternative playlist idea as a huge performance booster😉
Alternatively just look at these titles. They are just shouting out for coach @chad to incorporate zone 1 riding :wink:

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