World Suicide Prevention Day today

My apologies for using the forum for this topic.

Just putting it out there. Having lost a loved one thus myself, I believe it’s very important to raise awareness for this topic and to puncture the stigma.

Support one another and reach out.

And since sports is one of the best methods against dark feelings, I can only say: keep cycling, y’all!


Thanks! Lost my father to suicide in June of 2010 so this is very important to me. He was only 55 at the time.


Had mine fully planned out. I just never followed through with it.

I came home early from a race to find my ex wife near death from her attempt. If I would have come home when I expected to, she would be dead.

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline…


Everyone matters…YOU matter. Reach out if you need to…there are people who will help who may be unaware that you are struggling.

Be well.