Workouts pushed to Garmin Edge

I may be being very dumb here :grinning:. If I’ve pushed a Trainer Road workout as an outside workout to my Garmin Edge but then decide to do it on my trainer can I just use the Edge in to control the trainer as if it was an ordinary workout from Garmin connect ie the edge tells my Kickr what power etc.

Yes, that is supposed to work (ERG control of trainer via the TR outside workout on the head unit, as confirmed by Ray from DC Rainmaker).

If your trainer is paired with your Edge, the Edge runs workouts n erg mode automatically.

Tip-Most of the newer Edge models have fields for “target power” and “time left” so you can set up an interval page that mimics the numbers you’d see on the TR app.

FWIW - while the “workout on head unit thing” seems revolutionary here in TR land, a big chunk of the non TR world has been training this way for years. Pretty much everyone who has a live coach or uses an online coaching service plan is getting their workouts through TrainingPeaks which then syncs workouts automatically with Garmins and Wahoos.

How do i see my trainerroad calander workouts on my Garmin 830 head unit when I want to do the workout. I don’t always want to use my phone or an iPad. I have followed the Ride sync, Garmin connect re-authorize steps, and accepted. Also selected Data shared from Garmin Connect to the TrainerRoad app, (Activities - on), Data shared from the TrainerRoad app to Garmin Connect , (Workouts - on) Activities - on. These are selected green.
Is there anything I’m missing, as when I turn on my Garmin the TR workout does not seem to automatically pop up. I have synced Trainingpeaks planned workouts to do on my Garmin without any issues, but now I am using mainly TR’s training plans and calendar, I would like to perform them from here. I have also viewed the video that Jonathan put out on how to perform outside workouts, but the workouts are still not showing up on my head unit? Any tips here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hey there!

Sorry for the trouble you’re having getting your Garmin Edge 830 up and running with outside workouts. Our Support Team would be happy to help you tackle troubleshooting this issue; just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:+1:.

I had the same issue. It didn’t always sync over the phone (iPhone or Android). Syncing by phone would be awesome but it was hit and miss for me. One sure way to get a sync was to restart the Garmin and the phone. That would trigger the sync.

As that is not really ideal I now sync with Garmin Express. Haven’t had a problem since. I’ve got an old Mac Mini that I use as a media station in the basement and I just plug the Garmin in for a couple of seconds and the sync is done.