Workout prior to cx

In week 2 of sustained power build med with target a hilly 200k in a few weeks (not a race, but will be “for time”) but with cx race tomorrow. Plan has me doing Raymond +7 today and Spruce Knob tomorrow. Was wondering (just before time to get on the bike lol) about if/how to modify.

Cx race is also for fun, so not too concerned with results, but would like to have good legs since my cx skills are definitely going to a limiter. Also this plan does seem to be sapping my legs, even though completing the workouts hasn’t been a problem maybe because my ftp has been stagnant/going backwards.

I was thinking of doing Spruce Knob today and skipping Raymond since the race will have suprathreshold stuff, but have also considered just sticking with Raymond, or alternatively doing a traditional opener like truuli or Baird.

Any opinions?

Replying to myself, I did Raymond +7. I’ll see tomorrow how it goes.

Follow up:

I’m going to have to get some skills before the legs will be the limiter.