Workout Levels and increasing volume

The old standby was to do the workout, then add z2 to hit your duration goal.

Now with being able to sort workouts by sub-type and progression levels, would it be better to search out a longer workout that focuses on the same energy system and has the same workout sub-type and workout level?

Tomorrow I have Dollar Law on my plan. Dollar Law is a ‘Traditional’ VO2 Max workout with a 4.8 level rating. It is 1:15:00 long. I Like to make weekend indoor rides 2 hours long.

Would you Choose to add something like Carter or Birch after doing Dollar Law?


Would you opt to either Sljeme(4.9) or San Rafael(4.7), Both of which are 2 hour VO2 Max ‘Traditional’ workouts.

I’m leaning towards doing the later. But I’m curious what other people’s opinion is, Or especially from TR staff.

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Have you done workouts with the 3min intervals before? The two hour workouts are a bit different structure wise so I’d be inclined to add the birch or similar so that you maintain your progression in VO2 workouts. (Good to add a workout as AT can see that rather than added cooldown endurance time)

It’s been awhile but 106-108% for 3 minutes seems pretty tame, compared to the 110% for 4 minutes I’ve done in the past. Those are basically 3 minute intervals at the power I did for 20 minutes on my last ftp assessment.

I agree, that’s my point. The two hour workouts look significantly easier to me. I’d be wanting to make sure I did the work in zone that the plan asked for and that lined up best with next week.

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I see, I thought you were implying the suggested workouts would be harder.

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