Workout Creator issues

I attempted to make a 3 minute step ramp test to use as a new protocol prescribed by a new coach. However, the file created shows the first interval as 5 mins at 42% as I want. In the app, it shows as 8 mins. As the workout progresses in ~25w steps for 3 mins, the app toggles to the next step at the 5 min mark as prescribed. And the prescribed wattage ramps as desired. However, the power fails miserably to match, missing the targets by the 7th step by over 30w.

Whats up? Below is a link to my workout, which I bailed out of in complete frustration. I used the low gears, calibrated my Quarq PM, and have the app set to Erg mode using a brand new 2018 KICKR…

Hi there!

Thanks for letting us know about this issue that you have been having. That is definitely some strange activity! I would like to troubleshoot this further with you. So, I am going to look at things with your ride, and send you a TR Support Ticket to your email where we can get to work on this. :+1:

As always, for anyone else that may be experiencing issues, or has questions that you would like us to look into, just submit a Support Request at


Thanks, Tucker. I’m not sure what I did differently in the 2nd and 3rd attempts of the workout, other than switching to a high gear, but erg mode worked much better.

One additional comment on the 1st attempt, is that I made a gear change in the 3rd step, because power was failing to keep up with target. That created a massive spike, and target power didn’t match well from there.

When you look at my 3rd attempt at this workout, you will see a similar bump in the 4th step–I have no explanation for that, other than erg mode/power match did not respond properly.

In reflecting on the 2nd and 3rd attempt, it appears to be that the first 2 intervals are considered “warm up” by the app, as I am given the option of extending them… The first interval when first started shows as 8 mins remaining, but at the 5min mark it makes the step to the 2nd interval. However, it is all treated as “warm up” and does not display as an interval in the ride review. I.e. the first interval displayed in the review is the 3rd step.

Thank you for these insights!

It seems that we have very good timing as I just sent my email to you! I will follow up with you there from here on. :smile: