Workout classification discrepancy? [Resolved ✅]

Just looking at these workouts in the library:
Heseman, Tempo 5.1
Walker, Endurance 6.3
Redentore, Endurance 7.5

Heseman is 2 hours of work between 68-75% and is marked as a tempo workout while Walker is 2 hours of steady work at 75% and is marked as an endurance workout and
Redentore is around 2.5 hours between 75-80% very briefly touching 70% and is marked as an endurance workout.

Could that be an oversight? it looks like Heseman should be an endurance workout as it never goes over 75%, has an IF of .73 and it is very similar to other endurance workouts in the library.
I am mentioning Walker and Redentore just for comparison.


Happy New Year!

Report these to TR support. That’s the best way to get this looked into



Thanks for bringing this up!
Heseman was the standout workout here with the misclassification. We’ve got this fixed now, and its been updated from Tempo 5.1 to Endurance 5.9. :sunglasses:

thank you Ivy, that makes more sense.

is the forum the right place to raise such questions or would you rather I contacted support directly in the future?

Also, would I then lose the increase in tempo progression that I got from completing this workout? It feels like it wasn’t an earned bump :blush:

I went ahead and reprocessed your Progression Level zones to account for that change, and your Tempo PL now reflects that updated workout classification. :sunglasses:
Let me know if you need further help!

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