WKO5 is here and it looks... different

Yeah, I am playing with it. I’m definitely spending some time climbing at lower cadence, and it’ll be something I do more in my next block where I plan to do more extensive SST and Tempo (rather than threshold) because I’m going to be lifting heavy as well.

I love Kolie’s podcast and methodology - I’m a big fan! - but I do think he takes the science part of it a bit too far sometimes in terms of not really seeming to want to support anything that doesn’t have a study behind it. I get it, but I think there are some things out there that work, and that sometimes coaches find those before the scientists do.

That said, I’m not sure I would read a whole lot into this…

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yes, I agree to not reading much into that alone. However I didn’t paint the complete picture.

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Finding my way around WKO5 has not been overly difficult. Am taking the normal geek approach of refusing to RTFM until I get stuck (lol lol lol)

To save me some searching and reading… is there a “best practices” to feed WKO5 the data it needs to model the new metrics?

I’m unlikely to go all in on this as it won’t alter my plans for fall and winter. But if it’s relatively simple, might thrown in the efforts just to have something to play with while learning the software.

Yes, see webinar here:

Specifically the section that deals with updating the model, and then residuals.


Many thanks for the time save!