Wise structure - half distance low volume + 2 workout days


next week I start my low volume half distance plan and I am wondering if you could help me out how to structure it.

This is the default structure:

But I have to make a few tweaks to it:
First I am not following the swim training plans because I am learn total immersion at the moment so I will be at the pool three times a week but for now its not a big workout
1.) I just want to make a run on Saturday and my free day should be on Sunday - I got a lot more time during the week
2.) I want to add two workout days

THANKS for your advice!!!

Iā€™m on mid volume half distance with an extra swim thrown in most weeks and my rest day on Sunday. This is how the rest of the week looks:
M: swim, bike
T: strength/prehab, run
W: swim, bike/brick (depending on the week)
Th: strength/prehab, run, bike
F: swim, bike/brick (alternates with Weds)
Sa: swim, run

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Thank you very much for the input - helps me alot :blush:

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