Winter is coming, gotta think about base period

Still have to tackle those fast starts. Not sure how. If I had gotten into a faster group on Sunday my overall ranking would have been better.

Some Zwift races maybe? That’s my thinking for helping with MTB fast starts. You basically get a fast start then 45 mins of over-unders.

That looks EXACTLY like my last month… I’ve worked from 2x30m tempo up to 1x90 and 3x35m last week, and been topping and tailing with longer z2 endurance rides trying to keep time under z2 as <10% of total ride time. I have already felt a significant improvement despite being 50 and with >10 years serious riding behind me. New pbs at 60 and 90 mins already.

Plan is to continue that for another month or so and then swap in SST (88-90%) for the first tempo session and progress with more TiZ and longer intervals.