Winter glove suggestion

I live in Texas so winters are mild. Rides can start around 45 deg F, but warm up to 60s. I use a Pearl Izumi Cyclone glove for those temp ranges. But…I will be doing a 110 mile gravel race in Virginia early April next year and temps are likely to start at low to mid 30s. Looking for a low profile/non-bulky glove that is wind and waterproof, breathable and touch screen (Garmin 1030) compatible. What are your favorites?

If gloves like this exist then I’d like to know about them too.

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I’m afraid you need to adjust your expectations as in my experience non-bulky and warm are mutually exclusive and waterproof and breathable also to a large degree cancel each other out.

As to how much insulation you need, well that depends on your hands and how easily the get cold. I myself am a cold type and feet and hands freeze easily, but I have several pairs of gloves for all kinds of weather. For context, I live in south-east Norway where most winter riding is easily below 0 celsius (32F).

My glove library is:
15C or above: thin normal gloves, well vented mtb gloves
5-15C: windproof, but thin gloves on the road (Endura Pro SL Not super happy with these as they are a bit cold for my fingers, also need one size bigger I think), knitted Defeet gloves on the trails (less wind chill)
0-5C: Medium padded cross country skiing gloves or water proof SealSkinz gloves (warm and windproof but not breathable at all).
0-15C and rain: Assos neoprene gloves (you get wet, but stay warm). Windproof. The best for longer rides in the rain in my experience.
Below 0C: Diadora padded lobster gloves (3 sections instead of 5 for the fingers) or one of the above and bar mitts. Long rides in freezing temps I choose bar mitts any day. Better control of the handlebars and you stay warm. bar mitts takes care of 10-15 degrees celsius for me. You get no style points, but stay warm. After warmup I have ridden in freezing temps with summer gloves (first in the list) on trails. Need a bit more on the road as there is less body english generating heat on the road.

You do the math on C → F conversion :slight_smile:

Sorry for not giving you one glove that fits all, but in my experience it doesn’t exist.


If I can make an alternate suggestion, I would recommend looking and handle bar poggies, bar mitts.

They make them for flat and drop bars now, and are super warm while allowing a normal glove for most use. I got them for my fatbtire bike, but quickly found how grea they were and got some drop bar ones too.

Not for the fashion minded, but the hand warmth performance can’t be beat.


What @kevstraining said….if you find said unicorn, let us all know!!

My suggestion would be to use some of the gloves you currently have in combination with glove liners. And then also use hand warmers for the start. This will give you a flexible system to get through the whole event.

Start with all three…then ditch the hand warmers as it gets warmer. Then the glove liners (which stash easily in jersey pockets) leaving you with your normal ~50* glove option.

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thanks for the input! I like Power13’ idea; or looking at these:

@AustinPT - that sounds like the Appalachian Journey, right? I am signed up for the 65!

I would go with @Power13’s suggestions - with maybe a variance of fingerless gloves underneath instead of liners, depending on the temperature. With handwarmers these should be toasty.

I recently saw this video - about less bulky bar mitts - that fit in pockets - to riff on @mcneese.chad’s idea. May be too fiddley but was a little intrigued – STOP Wasting Money on EXPENSIVE WINTER Cycling Gloves...Do This Instead - YouTube

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If it’s below 30, these are the warmest I’ve found and are reasonable priced

[Planet Bike Borealis cycling gloves Planet Bike Borealis Gloves, MTB, ATB, Road Bicycle Gloves, 3 in 1 Design, Ideal for Fall, Winter, or Early Spring Riding, Lobster Design Outer Shell, Inner Fleece Gloves, Extra Large : Sports & Outdoors](Planet Bike Borealis cycling gloves Planet Bike Borealis Gloves, MTB, ATB, Road Bicycle Gloves, 3 in 1 Design, Ideal for Fall, Winter, or Early Spring Riding, Lobster Design Outer Shell, Inner Fleece Gloves, Extra Large : Sports & Outdoors)

30-45ish I have water and wind proof showers pass gloves and sometimes add a thin glove liner.

Above 45 I just wear my standard Mtb gloves which are what I use for gravel riding. Anything above 55 I usually go without gloves.

Another option to consider…latex gloves under your other gloves as a liner. I have never done it personally, but one of my good riding buddies does it regulalry.

For me, it just seems like a good way to have wet soggy hands, but he swears by it.

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Cool, I haven’t seen this lighter model before. I’d consider getting them but they seem to be suffering the same delays as other cycling companies:

Orders placed on or after Nov 13th 2021 should expect a lead time of 12+ weeks .

I could borrow my mom’s sewing machine and make some in that time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use Castelli neoprene gloves (which I love but don’t work with touchscreens) in cold weather, but when it starts to dip into the 20s F, I use thin merino wool glove liners with waterproof shell mitts made for backpacking. They’re easy to ball up into a jersey pocket, but shifting in them does take some getting used to. It cuts the wind so it doesn’t freeze your fingers like full-fingered gloves would.

That’s the “vapor barrier liner” theory of staying warm…

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I’am about to buy this one: GripGrab Ride Waterproof Winter Glove - Black | BIKE24

Yeah, but even vapor barriers have some degree of breathability…when we did The Rift this year, my buddy had sweat just dripping from his gloves.

I can’t speak for your friend’s setup, but no the whole thing about vapor barrier liner gear is 0 permeability. Yes it is counter intuitive, and I can’t speak for it’s effectiveness for all people, but it is a thing.

llmonty - yep, Appalachian Journey. Got caught off guard with the “partner required” bit since I’m coming from Texas (have some property in Floyd I’m looking at building on), but found an old friend in Fairfax and talked her into it. Now she’s cussing me :rofl:

In central Canada. I use these down to about 2C or so. C5 GORE-TEX Thermo Gloves | GOREWEAR

They are wind and water proof. I find them a bit cool at 2C but they are doable. I honestly don’t remember if they work with touchscreens - I think the thumb or one finger might.

I’ve worn them down to -10c but don’t recommend that - you will get frostbite if you do that for much more than an hour.

These are extremely warm, no issues around 0c, but only water resistant - Sturmfist 4 Winter Cycling Gloves With Aerogel Insulation | 45NRTH

You could also look at some of Sealskinz stuff, though I haven’t used them.

If the temps are really going to around freezing and wet for a long time, you might consider just getting a pair of pogies as well. There are pros and cons to that approach in those temps.

Edit; latex gloves were mentioned. I’ve tried nitrile gloves as a liner before. They add about 5c to your gloves. However your hands will be soaked - like pruney and puddles of sweat in under an hour. Don’t recommend, but have brought along on long rides for emergency use.

  • one on the neoprene gloves but there are thickness’ that sometimes you gotta look for. Surfers know about neoprene and the thickness (measured in mm, i like 2-3mm)as it makes it warmer or cooler and if you ever have too thick of a glove neoprene can turn into a slippery, sweaty, smelly, mess.
    I ride in VA and race gravel there (whats the race?) and this year used a overglove/shell mitt or lobster that was just a wind/waterproof barrier. Once it warms up you can just use your lighter glove thats under it and they compact down so well you just stuff it in your jersey pocket. Nordic skiers use them. Assos makes an ungodly expesive mit and their are others (i think Toko makes one). They’re great too in that you can stuff them full of warmers if you think the weather might turn south and they become a cold weather kit thats an easy grab.
    Heard about the latex glove trick and tried it once worked but felt weird but they were too big so might try that trick again.

Check out dissent133. It’s simply a 3 glove system with a liner, insulation and shell that you can mix and match depending on the conditions. I’ve got the wind proof set and they work well for my weather in which it may start off at 30F but can easily reach 60F by mid day.


I tried some Endura neoprene gloves and they were the worst winter gloves I’ve used… it was only around freezing too and very humid out… would have been better just using dishwashing gloves, haven’t bothered to use them again.

I’ve had good luck with the planet-x brand gloves, the carnac mid-winter ones are pretty good for me to -5C before I think about using thicker ones, the thing I find with thicker gloves is that my hands get sweaty and then they get cold, even if they are windproof. I have bought some pogies to try this winter, hopefully they’ll be better on longer rides. I’ve also had good luck taking two pairs of gloves on longer rides.