Will riding outdoors without a PM/HRM negatively impact my adaptations?

If I do a workout outside as a opposed to indoors, but without any HR monitor or PM, will AT take that as having missed a workout and not make appropriate adjustments? Or will AT look at what my estimated TSS is and work from there?

Obviously AT would have no way of knowing what type of efforts I’m doing (Vo2, SS, or Thresh) without a PM or HRM. So I’m curious if this will be a detriment to my indoor workouts in upcoming weeks with adaptations based on me not doing the prescribed workout for that given day.

Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

Nope adaptions wont be affected by outside power/ hr data, or lack of it for that matter. AT currently only sees an out door work out as done or not and relies on your feedback through the survey as to how well it was done. It doesn’t currently look at any detailed outside power/hr data.

Ahh. Good to know. Thank you!