Will deleting current plan reset or delete progression levels?

I need to move off of structured training plan and replace with a TrainNow format. Will this reset progression levels?

heck, just taking a ramp test will reset them. Or it did on my career page.

I was ok when I deleted my plan builder plan, no change to progression levels.

I’ve only seen levels reset when I manually changed my FTP.

Your levels are based on your history so they will not change if you delete your plan


Correct, deleting a plan will not reset Progression Levels.

The only thing that resets PLs are FTP changes and slow drops over time if you don’t get workouts in a given level.


Chad I had the progression levels from SSB1 MV with SS and Threshold at a pretty high level as I’d switched a few workouts that were too easy. I manually changed my FTP while messing around about a week back and then changed it back which reset them (which I wasn’t worried about), but then moving into SSB2 MV after my ramp test because all my progressions were at 0 except Endurance, AT basically tried to dumb down the whole plan. I just declined the adaptions as even with my FTP up 11% I know my work capacity will allow me to be pretty close to the scheduled workouts. Is this what is supposed to happen with AT or should my levels (before being reset by me accidentally) have only dropped by say half with the new FTP? It seems strange that the whole plan would be adapted from what is scheduled as soon as I’ve done my ramp test, if the progression levels are always reset the would the scheduled plan ever be used?

I’d just check in with support@trainerroad.com to see if running a backfill on your progressions helps. We were experiencing a bug with that a while back, the team is happy to help out though and take a look to make sure AT is behaving as expected!

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I deleted a “b” race and all my PL where reset back to 1.0. Why is this? Thanks @mcneese.chad

You should email support@trainerroad.com since they have all the background info we can’t access here.