Wide aero road wheel: any try the new I9?

Hi folks,

Looking for some wide aero wheels for a Venge, in the 60 range. I was leaning towards a HED Vanquish but then came across the Industry Nine i.65 (https://industrynine.com/wheels/road/i9-65/).

Anyone have or try a pair?

Am I missing anything else?

I’ve had a pair for about a year. Best wheels I’ve ever owned. Rock solid, super aero and the best hubs on the market. Super light for 65mm depth clinchers also.

awesome wheels, super stiff and solid, recommend 100%

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Thanks guys.

No issues in the wind?

Are you both running 28s on 'em?

super stable in the wind,
I spent more time on the shallower ones but the 65s were cross-wind proof,
the width really helps there I believe.

I ran GP4000 in 28mm but they measured more like 30mm,
a great set-up for general riding,
I would go with 25mm for more snap if racing.

3T C45s are FAF.