Why should I choose TrainerRoad over Zwift?

ditto. Point taken

Have used Zwift a bunch, and every so often go back to it, but I find that it never takes long for the gimmick to fade. Zwift is neat, but for what it offers I’d much rather just do an actual outdoor ride, as both always end up being junk miles for me.


Yep, I’d agree with this, as posted in another thread.

I can see why the guys don’t want to, having invested so much in the Training Interface, but since lockdown and work from home I’ve got used to the moving wallpaper of zwift. Two devices is just added faff very early in the morning (for me).

I’d prefer to just push the workout, like it does to my Garmin and my Wahoo. Unless there’s something very funky in the Zwift T&C’s for this?

Hi Julian! Could I get a 30 day free trial? I’d love to try this. Thanks!

Damn I just hope we are not going to see more ads on TV or YouTube from zwift, that music is so annoying, it seems that they are burning the cash on ads to tell us how fun it is sigh