Why is Osceola an Anaerobic workout?

Osceola (outside) consists of a short over/under section followed by 6 well rested 1min VO2 Max segments. Why is this considered an anaerobic workout instead of a VO2 or threshold workout?

Intervals at 125% FTP is borderline VO2max/Anaerobic, and Osceola is Anaerobic Progression Level 1.0.

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Yes, this and other examples have workouts that may be considered “starter or beginner level” with a tag of a given level, even though they are not strictly in that same training zone. There are numerous examples throughout the TR world. Most are low Workout Level as mentioned and are the ones that create a potential foundation for that zone intent.

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I would have classed it as VO2max but I see its got an Anaerobic PL of 1 so I guess it sits on the border of VO2max/Anaerobic and is designed as an introductory to the latter.