Why is my second A race training easier than my first A race

Hi Team

TrainerRoad has been used really successfully for over 5-years now in preparing me for Masters Gran Fondo events.

However I note my current training Plan to Race A on 15th Sept seems some what softer than my training in May and June? That seems unusual.

It has obvious increases for FTP but the number of tough sessions and intensity of sessions seems lower.

Surely it should be at least the same?

Have you started the second plan? The plan will adapt to your Progression Levels as appropriate for each block.


Yes, hence my concern.
It’s softer than the first one.

Is your FTP higher/PL’s lower?

You’re on the money, @Liam_mail!!!

Welcome to the forum, @Paul_Webster!

It looks like you had a big bump in FTP mid to end of June. Nice job!!!

Since all of the workouts are scaled to your current FTP, your levels were reduced so that the difficulty of workouts doesn’t increase dramatically with your increased FTP. This ensures that you maintain steady progress. The scheduled workouts in your new Training Plan look like they are not as difficult as in your previous Training Plan, where you had a lower FTP and higher Progression Levels. However, they are scaled to a greater FTP, so don’t worry, they won’t be “softer” ;). Adaptive Training will ensure that you continue to be scheduled “Productive” workouts relative to your current levels at a frequency that will allow you to peak for your A event in September!

Thanks Sarah.
Ps TR again has helped me achieve my cycling goals 5-years in a row. Great product.

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