Who's over 60 y/o and using TR?

Just saw this and thanks! You should join us next year. Keep an eye on Birmingham Ride Finder and Alabama Cycling Calendar on Facebook for other gravel opportunities before then.

Hit big 60 Oh now I’m old in Jan. Riding the Trek Travel Classic climbs with my old farts group in July. Oldest will be 73, youngest 52. 485 miles, 70,000 feet of climbing over 8 days. I’m still working full time, so on TR low volume climbing road race plan (M/W/F), with a long outdoor ride on the weekend. Do strength work at the gym 2 days a week and add a Z2 ride when time/recovery allows. As get closer will start stacking F/S/S longer outdoor rides. Goal is to get to 3.5 watts/kg, eat well on the bike each day and hope for the best!


sounds perfect! Go for it! Says the even older guy doing pretty much the same approach! :slight_smile:

I think old is 80 for now. 17 more years till I am old


l like the 17 years, so, pretty sure old is 85…


You’re both still pups! :smirk: Look for my new post “Who’s over 70 and using TR?” 70 snuck up on me, but I’m still trying to be better than yesterday.


Good for you! That is a formidable amount of daily miles and elevation. It will be a memorable experience.

The mind seems to be more willing than the body.  Once again I find this 64 y/o body has seemingly overdone it (or was it my mind?!).  I don't sit still well, still work 30 hours a week for the dollar, then come home and work some more, projects inside, projects outside.  I tend to follow the TR 3 day a week plan and add  Z2 wherever I can, and usually accumulate 350-450 TSS a week during the cold parts of our mid-West winters.

I’m currently in a taper week for a 27 mile race on Saturday. Tuesday, I was doing Sweet Spot intervals and my HR, would not come up of, or even barely reach Z2 levels. Not sleeping well either. How often do others in our group run into this? Once a year, 5 times a year? I have done it enough to recognize when it happens, now if could just pre-recognize it :slight_smile:
Well, hopefully, doing half a workout on Tuesday. Then taking Wed-Th. completely off, openers on Friday. And I will be good to go on Saturday. I wish I could figure this growing older stuff out. I still want to race, train and to go hard.
After I get through this race I have to figure out how to train for 50 miles of hiking in May and to try and figure out how to keep some fitness on the bike simultaneously. All of this certainly keeps my mind occupied! Cheers all my Sexagenarian, Septuagenarian and beyond lovers of the most efficient means of transportation ever invented. Ride On, or that Right On!

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Well, it’s August for me to hit 70, so i’m gonna jump on your new thread now and try to get ahead of the game! Thanks David. Maybe we should have a matching Strava group to go with the 60+…to your point, I am actually on track to be fastest and fittest in my entire life, but to be fair I sandbagged this achievement with a very unfit youth – hahaha


My 6 year plan is to stay on TR as long as @Nate_Pearson doesn’t kick me off, to train for the US Gravel Nationals and win the over 70 Stars and Stripes jersey in 2029


I’ve not experienced it. I’d suggest a cardiology workup if it happened to me. Also, check the formatting for your first paragraph. On the forum page, it can’t be read, although in my email feed, I could make it out.

You can read the entire first part using the slider.
Also, I’m about 17 months behind you. Be interesting to have an over 70 group on Strava.


You have my attention. Just looked it up and this is the inaugural year for USA Cycling to hold this. September 9th in Nebraska. Courses for the older masters group have not been set yet. The main course is 131 miles and ~6,000’ elevation. https://gravelnats.usacycling.org/

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I’ve ridden the Robidoux shorter distances a couple times where the Nat Championship will be held. Big rollers, fast gravel, great views, should be a fun course. I’m still coming back from hip replacement so don’t think my fitness will be up to par this year and I’m at the upper end of 60-64

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That calculator gives a result that’s widely variant to what my VO2 max test at Washington State University’s Exercise phys lab shows.
My resting pulse is about 46, and I have seen 171 on occasion. The calculator gives me a VO2 Max of 56, the lab test 45 which seems more reasonable.


Link please? For whatever reason, can’t seem to locate this club :confused:

Just turned 60 last month. Have been using TR sporadically (read that, with a complete lack of discipline) going on my 3rd year now. I had been riding on what I would call a serious recreational basis for a couple of years prior, but have never been an “athlete,” and started out with pretty minimal fitness. Dropped from 240 lbs. (@6’-1") to 195 through the grief of losing my wife to cancer (November 2016) plus an exercise program, broke my leg in a motorcycle crash (December 2017). Began my road back with physical therapy, then my now fianceé’s brother got me into cycling. He is a recovering stroke victim, a former NCAA Div. 1 Tennis Player who later let his weight get out of control, and cycling has really helped his recovery as well.

My first ramp test on TR netted what I considered a dismal FTP of 139. I think I just didn’t give everything I had to the test because in a month my FTP was up to 173. Two and a half years later, I am knocking on the door of a 200W FTP at 199. I try to follow a low volume plan, but also ride two unstructured rides per week, which are generally about 30 miles each, mostly flat ground, and typically in the 16.5 - 17.5 mph range for an average. I have ridden a few metrics, and my longest ride was just a couple of weeks ago at 68.xx miles (solo), about 1000’ of climb, and an average speed of 17.2, which I felt pretty good about.

My weight varies by season now, but it bounces from 205 to 215, and my Garmin Insight scale says my Body Fat ranges from high 17% to low 18% range depending on the weight. The number bothers me, but I know I’m carrying MUCH more muscle now than I was prior to the beginning of this journey, so I console myself with that thought.

Even with my lack of conformity to the TR training plan, I credit them with a great deal of the improvement in my abilities. My riding partners have become complacent and are not looking to improve much beyond where we are right now, so TR becomes my opportunity for challenge, which it never fails to provide. I think the AI FTP detection has been a huge improvement because I’m not sure I ever really gave 100% to the Ramp Test.

As far as where we can go over 60, I truly do not think I have come even close to tapping the potential for growth using this program. Even with the challenges of my schedule and the poor sleeping habits that go with it, my admittedly poor nutritional habits (mostly due to lack of education and the difficulty of coordinating my nutrition with that of others eating the same meals), and my seemingly inescapable irregular approach to the training plan, I have raised my FTP over 15% and have developed the strength and confidence to begin tackling some more challenging outdoor terrain, including some climbing in the 6-10% neighborhood. That feels pretty good, considering from where I have come.


Here you go.

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Thank you!

Just joined though i have few months to go to the big 60!


I’ll see you guys over there in 4 years, LOL!

I still like to follow this thread even though I’m in my mid fifties.

The years start to catch up with us all and I feel more in tune with this group than the 30 something’s smashing it all the time.