Who uses a mat?

Who uses a mat under your trainer/bike while riding indoors? I’ve put down an old bed sheet to catch grease/wax from the chain so it doesn’t get in the carpet. Is there some other advantage to using a mat?

I use a Wahoo mat. Easier to clean than anything else. I’m sure a towel is fine.

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Your bedsheet is fine. The mat is easier to clean but who really cleans those…they are black! :smiley:


On carpet a sheet should be fine. I am on hardwood and the mat helps with sound and road shoes

I used a towel for ~6 months. Just ordered a mat because the towel doesn’t stay flat and is getting obliterated over time.

Amazon has lots of black rubber mats. They are cheap. Get one.

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On hardwood or concrete, horse stall mats from tractor supply are superior to workout mats.


I use a $5 yoga mat from K-Mart; its about 3mm thick but stops me ripping up the floor with cleats or dripping sweat on the floor.


I use a simple black rubber mat under my Tacx Neo. Works well on the hardwood flooring for noise and vibration. I do notice that in the area where my cleats hit the mat and twist when I dismount, it tends to tear over time.

Kurt Kinetic trainer mat on hardwood here. Lost the plastic end caps to my trainer legs years ago, but the mat is plenty thick enough to protect the floor. Yoga mats were too narrow for the trainer legs and sheet isn’t a viable option. Sheet with books under the trainer legs would work, but the mat was like $30, so…

Thanks all. Sounds like the mats are useful for sound mitigation on hard surfaces. I’ll stick with my bed sheet on carpet! :slight_smile:

This past spring I had some weird power surges on Kickr, and Wahoo support recommended a mat to reduce light reflections that can interfere with the optical sensor used to estimate power. It worked and stopped the power surges.

Luckily Wahoo had sent me a mat after I reported the Kickr 2017 improved thru-axle compatibility didn’t include 2015 Domane. Took a month for them to machine and test a new adapter. Happy customer.

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Using a Tacx mat under my Neo on a hardwood floor, def a cleaner and less-noisy solution…
@Nate now that I think of, I’ve never cleaned it :thinking::joy::joy:

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I use a cheap Walmart yoga mat. I wipe it down with a sanitized wipe after every ride

I use something like this:

Works perfectly well and a lot cheaper than a branded trainer mat


I’m using a cheap old Yoga mat that I think I got at a yard sale. Works fine.

I cover my stem with a towel and drape another over my from wheel to protect the headset and front hub. I see the pool of sweat on the raw concrete floor as a progress and time well spent.

I’ve got an old piece of carpet that I’ve put under my trainer in the garage.

The Amazon Basics mats are perfect and half the price of trainer branded mats. I find the puzzle mats too squishy personally. The 4X6 gives room on the sides for sweat catching. https://amzn.to/2DIyulY

I used the wife’s old yoga mat (got her a new one…win/win). And I placed an additional workout square tile at the place where I step on/off the bike so the cleats don’t rip the yoga mat up.

Provides a level of vibration dampening on my dumb fluid trainer. Catches all the crap off the chain and trainer tire. Easily cleaned post ride with a spray bottle of soapy water… although sometimes I need a mop!! (it’s Chad’s fault)

Will be adding a diy rocker plate to the mix when I get a spare hour this winter.