Who the f*#k is Keith?

All of you who can finish this workout are absolute beasts. I have it scheduled for Wednesday and I give myself the chance of completion at 30%. I’m staring down the barrel of my first failed workout. :joy: 10 min threshold x 5 where the last 2 min is borderline Vo2.

5x10-minute over-under first 45 seconds of each minute are spent within 5% of your FTP while the remaining 15 seconds in every minute are spent at increasingly suprathreshold intensities between 110-125% FTP.



Make sure you use the PM that reads high and gives the low RPE :joy:.

Good luck. I’ve avoided that one when it popped up last build.

I prefer the sustained work.

On that note, why is it so hard to find a plan with workouts at 100% FTP. They all seem to be at 102-105% with either short, or very short intervals :man_facepalming:.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

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I have no idea, but this particular Keith sure looks like a bastard!


Only Coach Chad knows but this seems plausible…


The title of this post scared me since I’m Keith! :flushed: I was racking my brain to figure out what I had done to offend you.


Keith group workout!!?


Ha! Unfortunately my ramp test was set to the trainer so it won’t be an easier.

Yes I’m not sure either. I’m new to TrainerRoad and so far I think all of the sessions have been Over Unders or stuff like this, which seems to end with the last 2 min of each set with Vo2. Mind you I would mentally struggle to do 2 or 3 by 20 min threshold. I’d get bored.

Ha! Sorry mate.

Because VO2max and over/under workouts are highly effective at getting you faster.

Edit: to add to this, if you have a reason to want to extend your TTE and add more 100% sustained efforts, you could swap over/under work for those kind of workouts. But in TR plans you’ll see sustained / TTE work mostly in the specialty phase.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when the cover is all you have…

I don’ think I like Keith. :wink:

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No worries - it’s not often I get called out in a post. :rofl:

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polarised has a lot of continuous 100% threshold workouts

I remembered it backwards but the thread title made me think of this…


I’m pretty sure Keith is Mary Austin’s boyfriend and Coach Chad has a grudge against them both - he wants us to hate them.


These are the hardest workouts. I did Carpathian Peak +2 the other day and it almost broke me. Good luck!

I haven’t done this since spring, but I still remember it. And oh boy, it hurt! Thinking of it, maybe that’s why I haven’t done it since spring :face_with_monocle: Good Luck!

Pro tip - lower your FTP by 10% before you start it.

The image looked vaguely familiar to me so I checked - I’ve done it twice

Most recently I did it as part of a progression that included Mesachie +5 and +6, both of which were much harder for me than Keith.

In my opinion this workout should be possible if your threshold is accurate - meaning you can consistently sustain it for 40 minutes or more and have been training over threshold in the prior weeks


Just noticed that I have this one planned on Thursday, I’ll say hi to him.
Done it once before and what I do remember is that those 10mins are cut up into tiny chunks which helps me a lot.