Who’s in the sick house?

Day 1 RAMP test.

No, joking aside. I used to do old standards like Pettit, or a shorter recovery ride depending on how bad it was, how good I feel. Then maybe an endurance or sweet spot intervals based on how the first one felt.

Sometimes I would just rejoin the plan the next week, other times I would change the plan depending on how bad the illness was, how the recovery is going and how big the target race was.

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This is going to be my plan, pretty much. Petit, today, and (depending on how I feel) possibly some Achievable tempo work, the next day. Definitely nothing more intense than Sweet Spot intervals (and probably not even that) for 5-7 days. I personally wouldn’t try to resume a training plan until after a week of easily achievable (and successful) workouts.

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Good grief, it’s been 10 days? Just feeling capable of riding 45 minute 30/30’s. Are these things getting stronger, or am I getting weaker. Yikes…

How many people (reading this) use something to increase the humidity in your pain cave. I kept getting the feeling that my throat was drying out so much that the coughing was hard to stop. Just felt so dry. Nothing has changed, except me. Did a 45 minute ride yesterday, and it went well. I actually quit early out of not wanting to potentially over do it, but was still dry…

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I’m stuck at home with covid right now, and the dry air was making my sinuses sting and my throat tickle. Putting a n95 mask on humidified the air I was breathing and made me a lot more comfortable.

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I find masks tend to increase snot mobility, which is usually good, except for the tsunamis that happen sometimes. I do try not to use Afrin much as I addicted myself to it the first season I had to use it. Yeah, your body can produce copious amounts of snot just because you have tried too hard to control it. Yeah, it sucked extra hard to get off of it too. I’m off everything, so far, but still wake up with a clogged nose. (When will this be over???) Also quite a bit of the over the counter cold/flu medicine can raise your heart rate, and blood pressure too. Be careful people…

It’s been a rough year so far. I went to a work conference in Sand Diego in January and picked up a head / chest cold which lasted a month. I went on vacation and i got symptoms which turned out to be a Stapph? infection in my lower right leg. The antibiotics for my leg cleared up the infection and as a side bonus cleared up my chest.
I got home from vacation for 4 weeks and had a blood clot appear in my lower left leg, I’ve previously had one in my right leg about 4 years ago. Limping around has now aggravated an old back injury.

FFS, just take me out to the wood shed and get it over with.

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Hey fellow sick or recovering sick people :slight_smile:

Question for you all, I was sick for two weeks with something like COVID (not sure if that was it, but a long lived virus that just would not go away). I’m all better now, took it quite easy and yesterday was my first day I felt 100%. Problem is, I’m 5 days out from my A race, a three hour climbing road race with tough competition, and I have no fitness. I did some chill hard start to SS yesterday, and that felt OK, but yeah.

Would you all recommend just hitting up some sort of specialty plan last-week-before kind of workouts? Taking it easy this week to be safe? Not racing since the chances of me getting dropped at this fitness are near 100%?

As someone with an auto-immune disorder who suffers weeks-long recovery periods after too many cold viruses in a row, I would either a) go out knowing you’re going to get dropped and just look at this as a time-trial effort (or maybe farming for points towards an upgrade), or b) just don’t bother. I’ve raced several times while in a post-viral flare-up and my number one lesson from those have been “don’t bother racing”. Not only was it a huge kick to my ego, but spending all of that energy takes a toll on your body when you’re still in a recovery period. My $0.02USD.

EDIT: I know you said it’s an A-race (note: in April? Yowzers) and it might be a really big pill to swallow not being able to go out and hit it hard, but I’m not sure if any amount of grit is going to overcome inflammation and weakness.

EDIT 2: If you really do feel “100%” and you don’t think not-going is even an option you could accept, then maybe spend this week doing nothing but easy Zone 2. Not one watt more.

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I would treat it like a taper week, if you’re genuinely healthy then you have fitness - you just need to wake up a bit. I’d do short sessions 30-45mins sprint or vo2, low PL. longer low endurance or recovery sessions 60-90mins.

Disclaimer - I know nothing about you :slight_smile:

Eat well, rest well. Above all else. You may do very well on the day if you stay within yourself.


Yep, this was my gut, some light wakeup sessions and pray lol… I have already mentally unchecked this as an A race, I’ll find something else. Thanks for the gut check!

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