Who has taken the plunge? (Dropped TrainingPeaks, etc.)

I have gone the opposite way to the title. i.e dropped TrainerRoad and keeping TrainingPeaks. I also use WKO. I might come back to TR after winter and next season, it depends what comes out of the development pipeline.

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Apologies if this has been covered already…is there a way to import TR calendar into TP?

No, that is not possible.

It has been requested.

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What analytics are you getting from TR?


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Yes, I’ve used Golden Cheetah and WKO4. I downloaded the trial of WKO5 but honestly didn’t get into it much before it expired. I like intervals.icu because I feel like it’s 90% of what I need and it’s web based so I can use it while I’m drinking my coffee at work.

Just curious, what do you do in WKO4 that you can’t in intervals.icu?

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After a ride I open my phone and use TR for the basics:

  • avg power
  • TSS
  • IF
  • visually review compliance to power zone target
  • look at specific times in power-duration curve and where I did those on a map

For a web-based tool intervals.icu is very smooth scrolling and interactive, however I only get 2 of the 5 things above. And I keep getting inconsistencies on TSS between intervals.icu on the one hand, and TrainerRoad/WKO5 on the other. And yes my FTP is the same on all 3 platforms. To his credit, intervals.icu founder David Tinker is responsive and has fixed other things based on my feedback.

To name a few, searching for specific workouts and a lot of “comparison and trending” analysis to help understand previous training and determine when I’m done with a training block. As mentioned above for the basics I believe TrainerRoad is visually better and I prefer it on both mobile and desktop. That said, both TR and Intervals are missing things I’d like to have and that is where WKO5 steps in.


I do just about the same 5 things as you, and also look at some HR metrics, and do them all on intervals.icu. I just checked the math for a few rides and both IF and TSS are calculating correctly, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t for you.

I don’t mean to keep plugging intervals.icu but it’s free and I can use it on both my work and home PCs, so I’ve been doing more of that and less Golden Cheetah lately.

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I just signed up for Training Peaks after ditching it a year ago. The only reason being that I’m planning my first triathlon ever and Trainer Road is still lagging here. Ditched Strava Summit, was not even sure why I was paying for it.

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On my list of 5 only 2 (TSS and IF) can be done on intervals.icu, unless I’m missing something. No idea why the TSS of last two outside rides in intervals.icu is not matching TR/WKO. I’m suspicious of intervals using processed power, although I set power spike to 99% to supposedly disable. But I don’t know, it’s annoying to go back and see a TSS that doesn’t match within a point or two.

I’m paying for TR plans, and find TR analytics more usable than intervals.icu on my mobile phone right after a ride. There are some interesting features in intervals.icu and currently it’s free, so yeah if you were only doing simple things in Golden Cheetah then intervals.icu is a great choice.

@bbarrera Any feedback on how you’ve got on with Athlean-X?

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I’m doing variations of this:

and mixing things up. Really really like some of Jeff’s AthleanX videos, need to create some bookmarks and a best of playlist. At this point the AthleanX plan I bought has become “throwing a tip into the jar.”


Intervals.icu now has average power, variability index and efficiency factor. Even average power is somewhat tricky to work out (what duration to use? what about stops?) but these and TSS should be very close to TP numbers.


Intervals.icu provides the weekly tally of TSS TSB CTL and ATL for free; just sync it with strava and it will start summarizing everything!

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Thanks! Looks good!

Having ditched TP last year, I have just got away from Strava. I don’t know why, but it feels great. I suspect it’s that I’m susceptible to a bit of comparing myself to others and judging myself by way of comparison rather than by my own performance. It is very liberating not worrying about whether I’m doing as much as everyone else, or going faster, further, more power etc.

I know not everyone suffers from this but I do think Strava creates an environment where people are exposed to this and can result in burnout, over-training or just reduced enjoyment from their sports. They are not responsible but if, like me, you know this is a weakness then Strava doesn’t help.


Would love to join you in ditching TrainingPeaks (if only to have ‘one app to rule them all’, not only to save money). However, as a multi-sport ‘athlete’ TR isn’t quite there yet I’m afraid.

TP allows syncing / uploading of a much wider variety of sports (swim, running, kayaking etc) which TR just doesn’t do (yet).

The analysis features on TP are more full-featured and customisable than they are on TR as well.

That said, I’m still holding out hope. The recent advances in TR’s Calendar does mean that it has come into line with TP from a planning point of view, and the new (early access) Plan Builder feature may mean that it has actually pulled ahead in this respect. The plan builder even includes swims and run (but not ‘other’ sports yet). Once the importing and analysis of other sports comes into line with TP’s then I’ll be more than happy to use TR as my main app to rule them all.

Fingers crossed these features get rolled out soon and have the functionality we want from them. If previous TR solutions are anything to go by it could make TR awesome.



One of TrainingPeaks’ features that I use all the time is syncing scheduled workouts (runs) to my garmin watch. For me to drop TP, TR needs to implement something similar. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening for years (if ever), since the running part of the tri plans are all based on RPE.


@justal You summed it up beautifully! I am so hopeful that TR keeps developing and adding features, especially from a swim/run (triathlon) perspective. I’m anticipating that they will eventually be the one app with all the features I crave, whilst retaining the passion for cycling that it was founded on :smiley:

Great job TR Team… Keep it up!!

Same here. I’m going to try just the TR calendar (and plan builder) to start my season and see how it goes. I’ve also tentatively dropped my Strava Premium renewal as I’m waiting to see if the returning cofounder helps with strategic direction for features I am interested in before deciding what level of summit to use. TR is definitely my primary tool for 2020.

You should keep Strava. Its free and grants access to all the other tools that sync with it.

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