White Rim Trail in a day... How fast?

I’m gearing up to do White Rim in a day, and I want to get a sense of what a realistic time is. I’m sitting at a 313 watt FTP right now, weigh about 180 lbs. and my sweet spot progression level is sitting at 8.7. I’d love to hear from others about how fast they did it, and what their FTP and weight were at the time.

I’ve done WRIAD twice. Once in 2017, moving time was 8:30 total time around 9:10. I wasn’t super prepared or quite as fit as I am now. In 2021 I rode again and was 6:51 moving and 7:16 total. I am just under 5w/kg (350ish/70ish). I was riding steady in 2021 but never hard.
Bring more water than you think you need, which gets harder the longer you are out. I would guess you’re out for 10 hours.

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With those numbers I bet you’ll be sub 8 if you push it. And depends where you start. I ended going up Shaffer climb which hurts but that’s the route that the FKR times do. I have similar numbers to you and did it under 7:30. I had a group of 3 of us and we were able to work together for most of the day but there’s bo help once you hit Shaffer :). I set out to have an average power (not NP) of 180-200 watts and I figured if I did that then I’d be sub 8. I ended right around 190 ave watts for the ride. Have fun, it’s an awesome adventure with amazing views. Try to enjoy some of it while in the pain cave. It’s a great route that not many get to do.

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5:47, 185lbs, 400ish ftp. Did 320np, so 0.8if. I did it a long time ago in 8 and 9hrs on singlespeeds, but no idea what my ftp/avg power was then.

Shooting for 230ish watts and sub 8hrs seems reasonable to me. There’s certainly some climbs that take max efforts to get up without walking, even with a 52t, and those can suck a lot out of you. Can keep the avg speed up though if you make it a point to pedal consistently/deliberately on all the flats.

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Timon is a monster in case anybody didn’t notice. Fond memories of him crushing me (1/2) in a 12 hour a few years ago in NM


8:45 moving time. 3.low W/kg. Riding with a couple of friends for a fun day out, not trying to hammer it.

The wind can have a big impact on your time if it’s blowing.

Started at the parking lot at the beginning of mineral bottom road just off the paved road and rode CCW. Shafer climb out isn’t the worst part - it’s the long road drag after that IMO.

I went through 7L of water. Make sure to bring enough. There’s no resupply options on the route.

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