Which workout to substitute- SSB LV

Hi. New to the forum. I am starting SSB LV which has 3 workouts per week- Tues and Thursday 1 hr sessions and a 90 min session on Saturday. I will be riding outside most weekends so will only be doing workouts Tues and Thurs. Should I stick with the 1 hour sessions those days or substitute the Saturday 90 min session for one of the Tues/Thurs workouts?



Both the midweek sessions are SS, on 3 rides/week you really need the o/u Saturday workout if you want to make progress (unless you are a complete beginner). In fact 3 rides/week is only just enough anyhow unless you run as well. Replace one of the SS sessions with the o/u from the weekend to ensure you target threshold as well as SS. If you donā€™t have time find one of the -1 varieties of the workout - but if you do, do versions with a higher IF than the 90 min workout and also versions that are all o/u not with endurance either side e.g Warlow -1/-2

Thanks, makes sense.

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