Which wheels for daily riding?

I have two wheel sets for my road bike. Ultegra 6800’s and Easton EA90 aero’s. The ultegra’s are a typical box section rim but with wider internal width and tubeless capability, and the Easton’s are narrower, but slightly deeper with a 33mm depth. Which would you ride?

The wider internal ones.

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Ultegra - I run tubeless and 28c tyres so it’s an easy answer for me!

But your set up will have an impact as well, although I can recall reading somewhere that you don’t really start to get aero benefits from a wheel until the section is at least 35-38mm and that the wrong tyre choice/shape on the rim can negate any aero benefits.

Deeper - it’s all about looking good :wink:


Ultegra - with wider tyres, it’s all about comfort :wink:


I have Easton EA90 aeros - nice enough wheels but if you break a spoke (which happened frequently to me) it’s game over for a while because it is a special order at most shops. Mine are hanging on the garage wall.

My daily wheels now are Mavic Ksyrium SLs. Even weirder spokes but much more durable.

Can’t comment on the Easton’s but I sold a set of the Ultegra wheels as they were so hard to change a tyre. I was using them as winter wheels and the thought of that carry on at the side of a freezing road was not appealing! Shame, as they are bloody good, bombproof wheels.