Which training plan should I use for a 20 mile hill climb

I am planning on participating in the Mt Graham state hill climb here in AZ this september. I have just completed SSBII mid and am getting ready to start Sustained power build. My question is what specialty plan should I use to be ready for this event?
20 miles
3400’ starting elevation 9000’ final elevation
1:47:29 won the Cat 5 last year.

I have a vague rule of thumb which is “train for harder than your event”.

So I’d probably go for 40k TT, as that’s training you for a threshold effort. Then when you come to do the climb, you’re more likely to be aiming at 90-95% of FTP which will feel nice and easy. At first.

Just try to do the training in erg mode in the small ring if possible to mimic the level of inertia you’ll get on the climb.

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I am using a Road Machine smart so I don’t have erg mode.