Which plan is best for me?

After 3 years of sporadic training due to injury and my new daughter i am looking for some insight on where to start. I am a Cat 2 CX racer in CO, i race the MM 40+ group and basically finishing last or near there. I just did the Ramp Test and my 246 FTP will not hold up against some of the best in the country. So although there are a few races remaining, i am going to restart my training and look forward to building some fitness and FTP for next year. The one glimmer of hope from my ramp test is that my 5 minute Power of 300 was my 6th highest of all-time going back to 2015. Only stating this because maybe it will influence feedback. What plan should i start with? I fell like SS Base will be the answer but i always appreciate any input.

SS base is the answer :wink:

(unless you have at least 10 and probably more like 15-20 hours/week to go do lots of long endurance rides)

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