Which one should I believe?

Hi there

I did 18km of criterium race last night. It was very good test on legs before my target race. I see that legs are loaded. So no issues there.

I have Pioneer PM with CA600 headhunt installed on my bike. While I was doing after race analysis, I realized that 3 apps giving me, 3 different NP values :slight_smile: 330Watts by Pioneer, 315Watts by TrainerRoad and 305 by TrainingPeaks.

Which one should I believe? :nerd_face:

image image

Same exact FTP in all apps?


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I just realized that TR even calculated a high average cadence

That leads to another consideration. Are you including zeros in power capture?
Might not matter if all three apps load the same exact data, but I know that setting can also lead to differences.

I use head unit with defaults. Not sure if it is the case.

I will go through all settings on each app and see. But interestingly it is almost 15 watts difference between Pioneer and Tr and then another 15 between tr and TP.

I will load fit file to Garmin connect and see what it shows

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Sadly, I am out of ideas. I am sure someone else will be able to figure it out.

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I have a pioneer headunit and I find the NP value on cyclosphere is higher than on other platforms. Iā€™d go with the lower consistent figures from other sources personally

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Ok but if you see TR calculation, it is also higher than TP. Something weird

It seems Garmin calculates exactly as Pioneer.

I also check on BBS. BBS differs 5 watts from TP :slight_smile: