Which Build Plan did you suffer most?


I have done couple of different build plans and I am struggling to finish General Build plan workouts. I understand that I can be linked to new FTP value, etc but workouts are really hard.

Lets see which one seems hardest. If you have completed 2 or more DIFFERENT plans so that you can compare. Only high and mid volumes were considered.

  • Short Power Build MV
  • Short Power Build HV
  • General Build MV
  • General Build HV
  • Sustained Power Build MV
  • Sustained Power Build HV
  • Sprint Triathlon Build MV
  • Sprint Triathlon Build HV
  • Olympic Triathlon Build MV
  • Olympic Triathlon Build HV
  • Half Distance Triathlon Build MV
  • Half Distance Triathlon Build HV
  • Full Distance Triathlon Build MV
  • Full Distance Triathlon Build HV

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