Where is Dans? and who is Chester? ;-)

Super Important Question! Why did my favorite ride “Dans” get renamed to “Chester”?
Same ride text which states “Welcome to Dans”

Dude, that is odd. I had to load the workouts and see. Sure enough, it is renamed but still has my history of using Dans, because I have added it a ton over the years. No idea what’s happening here.

Likely unrelated, but I got this interesting new item when I was digging…

Looks like a new feature option to bridge the workout use gap in a new and different way.


RIP Dans then?
One of my favourite go-to recovery rides when I’m time crunched


I’d more like to know about Dicks


Dans is also a personal favorite for just adding short bonus rides to the calendar.

As for Chester, he’s that guy sitting on the couch eating all of my Cheetos.



@IvyAudrain do you know what happened?

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Today after finishing my scheduled ride I did the same thing I’ve been doing for years. I entered “workouts” and typed “Dans” to do my usual lazy couple of minutes and… there is no Dans anymore! But I found in training history there is the same training, but different name.

Life will never be the same again!

There must be a reason! Why? Tell me please, why? :slight_smile:


I moved your post under the existing topic from yesterday.


They went with Chester because “western european legacy spin” was too long?

Thomas Chester is a Senior Software Engineer here at TrainerRoad, we have been renaming a few workouts to honor work anniversaries but can see how that causes confusion when athletes have Go-To ones that suddenly change. Moving forward, it’s been proposed we just make fresh workouts and leave existing names as-is. :slight_smile:


Thanks @IvyAudrain, this was more of a Joke thread, that’s cool that anniversaries are celebrated that way. Congrats Chester! I will use Chester going forward in honor of Thomas!
Thanks and keep up the good work!


Who is Abney and why (s)he stole my favorite workout Peavine?

Interestingly enough, Dans was returned to it’s former status, and Chester was seemingly created as a new and different workout.

Perhaps the new example will head this way as well?

Currently there are 3213 workouts on TR workout library, may be they are afraid of running out of numbers.
Next binary step is 4096.