Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2024)

A bank holiday and nice weather (albeit windy) saw me cave in and change my rest day to an endurance day. Afterall that was RLGL recommended (a yellow day) :wink:


Following that advice I opted for Carter.

I went out of town on the cycle path and down Holme Road from Yaxley to keep it Z1 warmup did the workout into the wind and looped round Woodwalton and mainly had a tail wind in the cooldown and decided to take my out route back so I could stay in zone.

The MyWindsock analysis of 43.5miles is an April Fool I think:


Seeing the bike with the internal reflection of the blinds reminds me of imagery of a dog or cat looking all folorn & wanting to come in away from the cold. :crying_cat_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


In solidarity with @bmarum (on the pacing o/u thread) & others who are trying to meet power targets outside, I swapped my prescribed Diamond -5 taper workout for Warlow, done on my local hill climb. (I’m not doing my A-event now so I’m trading out the last week of specialty for workouts that would fit in a build phase.) Nine-minute intervals so I only used two thirds of the climb. Dodgy GPS to start with but it sorted itself out pretty quickly. I love doing intervals on this road because it’s a fairly consistent grade & I’m never more than 2km from home if something goes wrong.

The setup, a bit closer:

The phone sits in a frame bag & communicates with the sensors via bluetooth & records directly to TR. The Lezyne head unit communicates with the sensors via Ant+ & that goes to Strava. I don’t trust the rubber elastomer phone mounts, & because it’s a low-end non-Apple, lifeproof cases & the like are slim pickings. I keep my eye on the road & the head unit; the phone is for seeing what my power targets are, whether I’ve been slacking off, & for beeping at me when the pain is over.

Some wiggly lines, but it’s about there. A closer look at the last o/u interval reveals all the smoothing that happens on the graphic:

Of note: at the beginning of the third-last over I was rounding a switchback: right-hand bend in a drive-on-left country, & I moved over so a car could overtake me on the inside. No problem with that, plenty of room there. :+1: But yesterday was garbage collection & there were still some bins out that I had to dodge in this moment, hence the dropoff & subsequent spike as I got back on the gas. That stuff happens & it’s okay. I figure, the Normalised Power model uses a 30-second window, & I think if I took that chart & did a triangular-weighted 30-second average it’d come out alright. On the overs I got the lactate burn & on the unders I kept the power in the ballpark & that let the burn dissipate, & with about half a minute left I felt ready to go again. So that says to me that I satisfied the workout’s objective. Doesn’t have to be perfect. I figure I’m getting the specificity of practiciing holding power targets outside, that others who train in erg mode don’t have. Get outside whenever you can. :call_me_hand:


Yet another train strike today so I didn’t commute ( I could have got in but services were less frequent and my boss said WfH) so I did my Masters Endurance Workout at lunchtime. Jeez it was windy and going down the exposed Holme Road was just stupid even though it got me away from traffic. It looks just like its google today except the trees of the left that were leaning to the east are no longer there and if they were there today they’d be leaning further east. I had to stay out 3/4 of the way into the lane to avoid being blown off the road. And there was quite a bit of surging over the target power to keep balance. The met office said it was 25mph steady with 43mph gusts! (Recorded: Edit!) I looped around the near traffic free Connington Airfield Road. The state of the road made me wince at times. I came back on the busier but more sheltered and better surfaced Old A1. Only negative to the Old A1 I either have to be going fast to use the road or follow twisty shared foot/cycle ways which ruins the power profile. Amazingly Garmin reckons I was 72% compliant.



We’re in Istria (Croatia) for a few days. Did a beautiful ride today, hardly a car on the road :raised_hands: I know I’m not riding tomorrow so I didn’t leave much in the tank on this one.

19C, sunny, very little wind, smooth roads, no traffic. It’s hard to see me wanting to ride when I get back home to Wales next week (forecast: 10C and pissing it down…)

I suspect my next ride here might involve going up Vojak (Istria’s highest point) from sea level, 1380m or so… Might not seem much to a lot of you, but 713m today was my longest ever climb, having not ridden a road bike abroad much.


That’s awesome. Have a great ride, and take a couple snapshots if you can!

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I didn’t take any at all today, was trying to get the route done in under two hours so had zero stops.

Actually, not quite true, I snapped this one on a decent. Not the most interesting of photos though!


Compared to the scenery round here that interesting :wink:

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I hate the weather in this country so much. :weary:

We already had nice spring weather with 15 degrees C temperatures for a while, but now we are back to the bad weather again. In my area we have received 20 to 30 cm snow during the week and with subzero temperatures during the nights it takes time to get rid of it. According to the forecast we will have the normal spring temperatures back next week.


Did my first hard ride outside this year. Had 3x22 threshold planned but wanted to enjoy the first really sunny and warm day at 23c. So did 5 hills and about 58 minutes around TH the first 2 were s bit to hard with 20 and 10w above TH. Left the last climb out because legs were nearly done and had ro get back to work. Still happy with the work.

View from Rotberg to the Black Forest

View from the Rotberg to the Alps.

On the Ampferhöhe


My usual group ride with what is becoming a regular Prosecco/ Cafe Stop. It was pretty windy but the real wind came after the pub. It must have been the wind and not the alcohol that made it impossible to sustain the 20mph which I had for the first 55 miles :joy:

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Lol, it’ll take me 3.5 days to recover :joy:


Nice hike yesterday

Started out nice:

And then we climbed out of Palm Canyon for 2 mile ridge return. You know it’s windy when you see this:

And rain. Got wet. 5 minutes before it was beautiful:

Such is life in the shadow of Mt San Jacinto.

Good times.


A recovery ride for me today, I loaded up a workout to follow (Carter by TrainerRoad) and after I completed it. I decided that I was close enough to a cafe and the conditions weren’t too bad so I looped round at a recovery pace.


I did a ride through the posh part of town today and focused on the roads in a neighborhood with lots of French/British street names. I dubbed it the Royale Roubaix as it rained on and off and

It had cobbles

A roundabout with road furniture

Tree lined streets


The intersection of Royale and Commonwealth


They probably only let you pass because of the S-Works bike! :grinning:

Awesome bike and that looks like a great ride!!


In Spain for the third of three weeks and I’ve been able to get on the road bike a bunch of times, which has been nice. The first 45-mile (72km) day two weeks ago led to a rebellion in some muscles, blocking me from the bike, running, and walking normally for some days. So that was fun. I did that familiar 45-mile (2600+’ of ascent, nearly all in one long climb) route a few times more, plus some easier-to-get flat riding along the coast. (Getting to the mountains requires passing through the city.) A good rain was enjoyed on one ride…

(I’ve ridden in very hard rain on the road and trail, the kind where sheets of water reduced visibility to an unsafe distance, and this wasn’t remotely close to that, but my wetness doesn’t reflect what I perceived to be the actual rainfall…)
…and there was good sun to had.

And throughout, Strava was there to remind me of my fitness.
(Yes, the eagle-eyed reader will note the helmet difference. No, I don’t have one helmet for rain and another for sun. The Kask with the green accent is around 4-5 years old, so I bought a new helmet.)
I did attempt to go running here. Valencia is a serious running town, not as serious as Boston, but it’s a big thing here. The nearby (to our apartment here) Turia riverbed was destined to be converted to a highway, but the people rejected the politicians’ idea and it’s a nice landscape parkway with a dedicated running path and cycleway. As my first marathon in 5 years (since the end of my ultra and IM running in 2019) was to be in a few weeks, I intended to focus on running here. Well, the Providence Marathon was cancelled, so this is what my running has looked like so far.

Yesterday was a cycling day. Sundays are especially great for cycling since nothing is open in the morning (like today, a Monday holiday here… it would be great to get out but I’m tired and too busy writing this up, and other stuff). I consider yesterday’s ride my first real ride since last early autumn. It was only 50-miles and it only had to climbs.

The outbound is not the same as my regular 45-mile route (to Náquera) though my return was the same as that. Within 20 minutes, I was on a dedicated cycleway. The day was gloomy but not cold, at least not for me. There were people in winter kit, with those in bib shorts usually wearing long sleeves. I was in shorts with a short sleeve, though I did have a gilet, though it was unzipped most of the time. (Fortunately, it’s feeling less like a girdle…)

The cycleway continued, but now it was fine – and better – to be on the roadway. I’m cruising at my pace when this younger (we’ll just say he’s younger) guy powers by… and I’ll imagine he’s pushing the same watts as me but going faster… for reasons…)

My route took me Segart. Originally I was going farther to another ascent, but I realized that would be a bad idea as that ascent, Frontera, is quite brutal and I wasn’t ready for that pain, a pain I used to enjoy – and is more enjoyable when fit – and look forward to embracing again, but yesterday wasn’t that day. It took me about 15 minutes of standing on the side of the road to remember where the Segart option is on my route as I had no cell service and that route wasn’t loaded on my Garmin. I was ok with that rest.

No, yesterday’s main climb – the second of the two listed climbs – was 4.3 miles at 6.1%. Mostly included in that, though plus a bit at the end, is 2.7 miles at 7.1%. Easy-peasy (relatively) back in the day. I remember riding it in nearly 100º / 38C. But, at one point you get to pass through the town of Segart.

Then it’s back on to solitary road with only the rare car, and, oddly, rarer cyclist.

How’d I do compared to before? Well, my fastest for the 2.7 miles at 7.1% is 17:40. Yesterday, however, I went a more modest 32:59.

Returning to the city, I usually ride in the bus/taxi lane pushing it – usually amounting to wind sprints because of traffic – but on this day, I took the easier option to get home.

In the end, it was a fine day of riding. I wasn’t trashed when I got home (probably because I was taking it easy… nearly 4hrs for 50mi…) and I slept well, though today my Garmin says my training readiness score is 4.


I feel that in the morning :smiley:
It was the first midweek (on a Monday) paceline today, 3 of us were out and everything felt ideal. The route started and finished in different place from the last few years (the Washingley cross roads) but after that followed one of our regular routes, down through Lutton to Polebrook, over Chicken Farm Hill to Hemington, Luddington (in the Brook) and Great Gidding, then down to Winwick and Alconbury Weston before heading up the Old A1. We usually go to the Stilton end of the old A1 but we cut in over High Hadden Hill instead back to the Washingley cross roads.


Well that didn’t go as planned! Warming up for the club TT something didn’t feel right. Once the TT started I found out what as the effort to speed increased to silly levels. I stupidly pressed on. I think I’ve diagnosed the problem, when the disc wheel was rebuilt by the shop last week the hub caps aren’t 100% tight and I can unscrew the right one by hand. Thats allowing the wheel to drift marginally to the left on the axle and fowl the frame. Although I did have a problem with worn drop outs before and another shop put a rubber spacer in which sorted it. There doesn’t seem to be any play in the right drop out so :crossed_fingers: tightening the hub cap will sort it (although I might need new bearings after tonight too).

The calculated CdA (based on power, speed, gradient, weather I think) shows how stupid the power output was relative to speed and gives a stupidly high number of 0.698, Id expect 0.23-0.27 on a sporting course :roll_eyes:


Don’t tell anyone that my first real outside workout of 2024 was not on my bicycle.


I loosely followed Carter at lunch time although I wanted to test out my disc. The speed to power relative to the conditions seemed a lot better (I had tightened the hub cap by hand and added a 0.5mm pedal spacer to the NDS to stop the wheel jamming against the NDS chainstay). Its brought it down to a skiff anyway, I might see if I can find another pedal spacer or something. The estimated CdA (speed relative to power and conditions) of 0.305 seems a lot more reasonable anyway given I sat up southbound all the way to Holme (on the undulating south bound shared cycle way next to the busy London Road; on the steep, twisty and randomly parked decent through Yaxley; and on the exposed Holme Road, any where else winds gusting to 23mph wouldn’t be a problem but it is there). I avoided the poorly surfaced Connington Airfield road and thought I’d went far enough south (I turned at the western end of the Connington Airfield road) before heading up to the Stilton roundabout but I hadn’t so I went into the village itself to finish before cycling on road up London Road with the wind behind me. I guess in future I’ll need to go down to the one of the Sawtry roundabout at least, or maybe go up the hill to Glatton and come back by Washingley and double my elevation in about a quarter of the distance :joy: