Where did you workout (ride, run, etc) OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Many years ago I used the tracking feature so my wife would know when I was going to be home from a long run (3-4hrs) or long ride, but then I learned she never used the links because they either didn’t work or she didn’t care (well, generally because I was pretty accurate with my time estimates and would text if there was a delay, but writing “she didn’t care” sounds more dramatic).

Yesterday’s local run had a hill and slightly warmer (±2C, so around 52F) weather.

The main climb is only 2.14 miles. I used to do it in 30-32 minutes, with a PR of 29:37. Yesterday, I did it in 48 minutes, but I did it so that’s good. On the plus side, most of the climbing for the day was done early.

The view from the top of the climb isn’t bad. Note: this is from the first peak. My typical return is not to descend what I came up but to continue along the ridge, which drops a bit and then rises again, hence the double peak in the elevation chart.
First pic is looking down the lake toward Rapperswil, while the second looks up toward Zurich, though the city isn’t visible because it’s out of frame to the left and because there’s nothing to see because of the clouds. Below is the small river valley that I spend a lot of time in running and on the gravel bike.

For a view of the city from this point with clearer skies, here’s a pic from Dec 31, 2017 with my dog (and we likely ran the climb closer to 32min even with the snow) to give me 1000 running miles that year.

The road in the river valley where I’d drive daily to take the kids to school (they’d take the train home) and to do TR workouts as this is a good road, though not flat, for timed intervals. It’s common to see triathletes doing laps here. There’s a roundabout at the far end, one way is about 9km / 5.3mi, with only 259’ of ascent in this direction (according to Strava), making the return mostly downhill.

It’s a good place to run and ride. I’ve ridden up to this peak before (there’s a restaurant behind me, my wife and I and friends have hiked up here for good food and views), but it’s a one and done as there are far better routes to spend the time pedaling.

The weather today is looking better, with more glare (sort of sun) and a temp that should get up to the low 70s. Alas, I’m slacking and resting today to catch up from the four-day weekend and maybe shoot with the son this afternoon.


:heart_eyes: NICE

A gravel bike ride for me today. Giving practically everyone turned up yesterday I didn’t expect anyone today despite the great weather but I was wrong one of my mates turned up at the Elton meet. We headed to the Fineshades mtb Centre cafe, one of our regular reliable haunts. After a great spin with him it was still early and it was starting to really warm up so I went for an off road bimble round to the south and east of Peterborough. It was and still is one of those days I could have bimbled on forever but the Giro proves a decent distraction from junk miles :joy:


Wrapped up my week with a 100k on what will probably be the best weather we will have all year. 365 miles this week and 19.5 hours. Think I’ll take next week as a recovery week. Was planning on keeping it rolling the next two weeks, but I want the second week to be some really big volume, right before I leave for 3 weeks to crew for a great friend’s RAAM.


Shakeout ride before Unbound. Things felt pretty dialed, but this was half the distance. It’s going to be a tough day out in a couple of weeks for sure!


“Fixed” a tire before the ride:

Pulled out the staple, pointed the hole to the ground, waited 30 seconds, added 5psi air, and said “fixed.” I love tubeless and these Vittoria N.EXT tires.

“Go ride your bike” endurance, a little spicy loop that I put on repeat and had some fun on the short climbs:

Nobody swimming at the lake:

My favorite street just a couple miles from home:


My fitness is totally in the dumps. Not sure if it is just because I restarted training rides on the rollers this week. Maybe just some temporary fatigue? Either that or the climbs I have done a zillion times before are now suddenly way harder. Despite having to walk part of the first climb, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Lots of really tall weeds and wildflowers. Trail was really overgrown with these pokey things. I was so happy I was wearing tall compression socks.

And so much poison oak:

But the little flow trails at this park are so fun, totally worth the climbing and the possible poison oak and weed laceration risk. :crazy_face:


Easy 5km run (and 440’ of ascent) in sunshine and temp going above 70 F, so warm :wink:. Seriously. I am not heat-acclimated, but I’m looking forward to it. Two months from yesterday will be our last day here, which means this will no longer be the “boring” out-the-door local run (or bike) pics.


I rode the Farmer’s Daughter Gravel Grinder in NY yesterday and set my single ride climbing record :star_struck: There were a few spots over 20% that I wouldn’t have been able to ride a year ago.

We got quite alot of rain on Saturday, so there was plenty of mud and lots of the gravel was like riding in peanut butter. There were a few hike a bike sections, but overall it was a great route that was mostly gravel and a few miles of single track.

I did a 70 mi/6k ft ride 2 weeks ago where I felt like I hit a wall after 4 hours. I ended that ride with IF of 0.69. I was smarter about pacing this time, but ended up with ~6 hrs at IF of 0.75 and had gas at the tank even at the end.




Congratulations on the accomplishment!


Yesterday I was reminded of being not fully heat acclimated. Heart rate completely controlled up to the 3 hour mark where this zoomed in portion begins. Final 21 minutes of my ride, the HR started rising and kept rising, while doing my usual 69-79% low-aerobic tt pace (blue line). Tried backpedaling and other tricks, but HR just kept climbing:

ride start was around 80F, although Garmin was at 102F when I pulled out of car after the 1+ hour service. The last hour the pavement temps were about 95F :hot_face: except for the 91F dip while on that tiny road with the beautiful tree canopy. Here is another look at the cooler tree canopy section of road from a video I took yesterday:

I was going to ride a little more around town, but my body was cooked :fire: :fried_egg: from the heat.


Easy recovery ride on the TT bike today. Returned home to my order of nopinz skin suits! Excited to try em out!


Because the weather was nice this afternoon, at least relative to what it has been and compared to the forecast for the next several days, I dashed out for a quickie ride on the trails before dinner. No cowbell, but there was Alpenhorn: (filmed in 4k)

I wasn’t planning on going this route, which is part of my typical goto for a 45-60 or 75min predawn track for over four years, but I heard the horns and came down to this trail for you, yes, you. :wave:

Clouds cleared a bit since this morning’s run.

If you’re curious what this frame is, it’s one of six viewing spots put up as part of the village’s 250th birthday celebration. (This isn’t where I live, I live in the next village to the left as you face the lake.) You write wishes on cards in the red box on the bench and hang them on the wires. It’s all safe, no one will take or vandalize this, which is cool.

And, @windwarrior, though I didn’t give you cowbell (or @JMT P-horse pics), I got some heat acclimatization just like you did today, though mine may be a bit less than you. But still, whoop-whoop, amirite?


As always, my wife and I celebrate and thank you for the cowbell and alpenhorn videos!

3 hours in the 80s (air temp) but 80s/90s on the pavement… and Garmin awards me no points! Hmmm, well, that empty training in early May I can see Garmin had no idea I spent two days in Texas doing manual labor for 2 days, outside in 90F heat, for 6 hours each day. And then doing some Peloton easy rides that were recorded on Apple Watch. The following weekend was full blown allergy flu and I lost 3 days of training.

Under fed model and clearly I’m in the teaser phase of the heat acclimation algorithm!


Garmin’s terrible temperature readings drives me nuts! Lately, my Klimat.app temps and wind readings have been terrible too.

Congratulations! That looks like a super strong ride!!!

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Tuna :boom::boom:

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Did part of the Kearsage Klassic gravel route in southern New Hampshire on my XC bike as a training ride yesterday.

Some brutal climbs, but great day out.


Afternoon rides the Garmin 840 is only 2-3 degrees higher than air temp. Seems reasonable given the heat radiation from the hot dark asphalt / chip seal road surfaces. And more accurate away from the heat island of the city, except mid day.