Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2023)

Heat wave! Averaged 32*F(0C) today. Dry roads were nice. The fog(seems to be a theme this January) makes for some ‘interesting’ scenery. Snow and cold temps in the forecast might have made this the last outside ride of January 2023


Looking good outside, and that was me on Strava.


Pacing a 20-30 min TT, not all-out:

had to wait briefly for the left turn onto a county highway, and closer to the end at a 4-way stop.

But it worked out okay:


First ride with the new helmet:

Thank you Coach Isaiah! :clinking_glasses:


La Quinta loop:

Flat tire from a tiny wire…. This is why I run tubeless on my bike

San Jacinto Mountain over Palm Springs

Find the cell tower!


I missed the opening title (“Spinning around…”) and didn’t pay attention to the map as I went to the pictures and thought: that looks a lot like Palm Desert, and not just because of the sidewalk. Enjoy!

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need tubeless!!! Otherwise the KHS Elite 900 four day rental is a great deal. And Big Wheel Tours delivered to the hotel, and the hotel delivered to the room. Niiiiiicccccceeeeee!


Nice! Here’s my weather for the weekend. Probably too much snow to fatbile, unless I catch a plowed road at the right time.


Best time to hang out in the desert!


First EBs group road ride of the year and it was a good turn out despite being just above freezing :cold_face: I went at quite a good tempo to the start to warm up! I ended up with quite a few intervals so hopefully it was productive. My Garmin claims it is and the pint and a half of Moretti officially doesn’t ruin it :wink:


3.5 hrs of Z2 in a whiteout.


A short gravel ride for me today. Peterborough to Elton to meet some mates and then through Sulehay Woods, Purleius Woods and Fineshade Woods to the Top Lodge cafe. Then mainly back on road (just a few off road sections): Kings Cliffe, Apethorpe, Nassington, Yarwell Mill, back to Nassington, Elton and back to Peterborough.


It was 50 here in New England yesterday and I was a little cold after riding for 2 hours :rofl:

I am impressed you can get out there in that snow!!! :exploding_head:

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I have a small ride coming up in June I need to train for. And outside training is better than inside!


At least they are not dying off. I think the frogs I used to have around my house might have died off. I never see them anymore. Even when it is super rainy, like it was this month. Thank you for sharing this. It is so cool that the people there care so much about them!

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We still have a LOT of frogs around here.

This froggie used my pool for a polar bear swim on January 1st! The pool was a little green from all the redwood branches getting blown in from the storms… Used the net to move him before pouring chlorine :skull_and_crossbones: into the pool.


You are so lucky! What a great picture! Glad you withstood the storms fine! It was crazy!

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First ride in two months!!! What?! Arrrgh. The holidays and weather really messed me up. So no PRs and one pretty spectacular crash caused by me trying to avoid mud (because I am aways afraid that riding through mud makes me crash LOL) but I slogged my way up the hills and am gonna try to rebuild some bike fitness! Can’t wait until next weekend to hit it again.