Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

Super Flagstaff ride in Boulder, CO.


Today was my longest ride of the year. Emerald Epic mountain bike race. It was hard. I could tell I haven’t been riding much this year.

On the bright side, good training for SBT GRVL next weekend - although maybe a little late for that ??:rofl:. I haven’t ridden my gravel bike since April, so that will be …. interesting. More suffering on the bike in store I guess.

Emerald mountain looks so inviting from the hot tub. 4 times up and down however is less appealing - well, by time #4 anyway.


Glad it fit and looks good.

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Not much in the legs today, they were a bit too DOMmy (if thats the word) overnight. Almost as good a day as yesterday though. A little windier but barely a breeze if truth be told :wink: I met some mates in Peterborough town before heading to Elton in Northamptonshire where we normally meet more folk. But despite it being glorious weather everything was extra quiet. We then headed a mailnly off road route to Fineshade Woods and cafe, via Warmington Mill, Fotheringhay and Kings Cliffe. After the cafe we came back to Peterborough by a mainly road route with a few off road excursions (Peterborough via Kings Cliffe, Apethorpe, Nassington and Elton).


DOMmy - I know that feeling!


I’ve been working on heat acclimation and doing longer rides in anticipation of a cycling vacation and an upcoming gravel event. Been feeling cooked for a few weeks now despite taking some breaks and doing mostly zone 2. Not sure if it’s the heat, the hours, or just general overtraining/fatigue, but I’m considering taking a full week off the bike. This ride was harder than it should have been.


On my ride earlier I spotted signs that had went up late morning that the short cut I take regularly is going to be closed. So after the Moto GP, with then 80km still to go in the Commie Road Race and since the weather was good I went out to see. I decided then to bimble into town. Its 20km to go on the RR now.


Mount Rainier National Park. Beautiful area and awesome day to ride yesterday!

Finally got up to Mt. Rainier National Park | Ride | Strava


What a lovely farm! Cute ponies.


94% humidity will do that. Ugh!


Follow up to my previous post):

I rode the full 103-mile route in Pelotonia yesterday in Columbus, OH USA. Struggled (again) with leg cramping and hip flexor pain at the 80-mile mark. First Aid station attendants were wonderful and helpful and patched me together enough so I could finish. Despite walking my bike up the killer hill around mile 90, I still completed the entire route in a new PR of 6:34 moving time. That makes 3 completed imperial centuries this summer and 1 DNF (Akron ABC ride).

Resting and recovering today. Considering what my next event may be; I’m thinking the Cleveland Fundo 65-mile route in 3 weeks. Trying to formulate a game plan to work on my leg muscular strength between now and then…

Best kit I saw all day:


New bike day is coming for you, I see…

I like the miles (lateral) to feet (vertical) ratio! Getting ready to visit me in Switzerland?

I’m seeing more signs that read something like “Your GPS is wrong, this is not the road you want,” like this from a local route:

What a great elevation profile for a race (written as if I were a light climber). Good on you!

Well done. Look at a shortage of electrolytes and fuel as contributors to the cramping and pain, in addition to the body just needing to acclimate to the time spent pedaling (ie constantly working rather than intervals with rest or shorter overall durations) as you increase time in the saddle. Also, look at the saddle position (off center or wrong height, like on a rental bike for me) can induce similar problems, so consider a fitting.

I haven’t ridden outside since my Haleakalā ride ten days ago. It’s a good thing I canceled my rental reservation for this past week for an intended West Maui loop as it seems I caught chickenpox when I was in Los Angeles :rage: en route to Maui, based on the estimated incubation. As a Los Angeles native who lived there through my first four decades, maybe this was LA’s way of getting back at me for not wanting to return. No, I didn’t have it when I was a kid and fortunately the main of it was mild and quick without itching or sickness. Yes, I was cleared to fly from Maui to Boston. Well into recovery, I now look like, as my wife says, I have “bad skin.” I’ll be off my bike 15 August (I return to Switzerland on 14 August). My semi-isolation for the second half of our Hawaii trip (restricted to the condo-thing and away from the cousins and family) wasn’t terrible but it was boring and often lonely as the wife and kids, the wife’s brothers’ families enjoyed the pools, beaches, hikes, etc as I, Quasimoto, hid out. I eagerly consumed these posts as a lurker.

The sickness put a dampner on my planned runs and gym replacements for saddle time, so I’m leaning fully into detraining – er, recovery or extended taper – now with the AlpenBrevet and Haute Route Davos on the calendar later this year, two events I expect to severely suffer at. I look forward to getting in the saddle and sharing future ride pics…


The next NBD is always around the corner :wink:

Gonna be pretty boring though.

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This was my second year doing the Pan Mass Challenge. It’s ~190 miles over 2 days to raise money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. My Aunt just wrapped up treatment there and were hoping for a good outcome – this stuff is personal. F#@^@%& cancer!!

I averaged 15 MPH for day 1 last year and crushed that this year! It was HOT and humid so I took advantage of all the rest stops. I don’t remember the last time I drank so much water … easily 1.5+ bottles per hour.

I wish I could have kept the power up more, but given the heat and the fact I’ve done a handful of metric but no imperial centuries so far this year, I’m pleased with the outcome. Room to improve next year!


Franklin County, Maine, USA

After some morning rain I decided to stick to the roads. Since space was limited in our van for family vacation I only brought my gravel wheels with Vittoria Dry Torreno tires and wasn’t in the mood to fight wet sand and mud, so I added a couple of PSI to the tires and headed south. Vacation and recovery week must be working as I felt great.

Even though there is no shoulder, I love riding on these back roads. There are few cars and the ones that do pass leave a generous space. I also wear a neon yellow kit and have my Varia on its brightest setting.


Hmm… I think I have a pic of those same mountains under different weather conditions.



Cool to see it in winter. Good eye!

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I’ve only been to Mt Rainier once. It was a memorable experience - trying to climb it in winter. Seeing it under sunny blue skies and warm weather looks very pleasant!


5.7% grade works out to 300 feet of elevation gain per mile, and they built that into this road for 13.3 miles:

Unfortunately I woke up with a stomach flu thing on Friday, and by Saturday morning was feeling ok but not so great. At the beginning I felt weak and briefly thought of aborting the ride, but mentally decided to buck up and did this one at the bottom of zone2 for a 60% IF.

I’ve done similar HC climbs at 85% IF - disappointing that I didn’t feel better and definitely not a Strava ego stroker.

This climb turned into a basic, fully aerobic, nose breathing, moderate torque 66rpm grind to the top. So with your detraining, no issues coming to visit Quasimoto :joy: for some similar climbs plus I had chickenpox as a kid and recently the shingles vaccination.

Mount Shasta is the 5th highest peak in California at 14,179 feet / 4,321 meters, but the road tops out around 7800 feet / 2377 meters. It has the most volume of all the stratovolcanoes in the Cascade Range which runs from Northern California thru Oregon, Washington, and Southern British Columbia. Here is a infographic from Wikipedia:

After I posted pics at the top, descended and near the bottom stopped for a picture of nearby Black Butte:

This area has inspired and drawn people from time immortal. Remember the Harmonic Convergence that happened right after I moved to California? I sure do - Mount Shasta was one of the power centers.

After the ride we went to the (proposed 51st state) State of Jefferson Beerfest (now the ‘River and Rail Brewfest’) and my wife’s Ultimate High School Reunion:

Gorgeous. Unspeakable beauty. Less than 10,000 people between the 3 ‘major cities’ that flank the western slopes of Mt Shasta. No wonder that area wants to secede from ‘the real northern’ California and southern Oregon.

Next morning we took a 3 mile walk along the Union Pacific railroad tracks, like in that movie Stand By Me:

along with other hikers to see Mossbrae Falls:

Saw some interested cloud formations:

and reluctantly pointed the car south for the 3.5 hour drive home.


I had Collins-1 in my Calendar today and I headed to the Flat Fens for it. The area would be perfect for training but to get a reasonable route to it you have to cross the East Coast Main Rail Line, so inevitability 9 times out of 10 the barrier is down and down for a while. I got it lucky tonight, the barrier was down as expected but I was able to see a train approaching and crawl to the gates. On the way back I decided to stop for the customary selfie.

Once back I decided to test my new toy out.