Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

:joy: if you don’t complete the sweet spot intervals, then no sweet spots in the muffin!


Hahah. Just sent you a follow on strava

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One month later, I finally got my bike bag from Spain.
AS described earlier, the Aethos is now trash.

The positives however for me, is that all my other gear the was in the bag showed, that I got pretty lucky still.
I had a hydration back pack with me that day, and that got hit pretty hard:

The fact that it is ripped up like that probably saved me a few scratches on my skin.
More importantly though, I had this mini pump with me (on the outside of the back pack, with the water bladder between spine and pump).

Goes to show that my spine could have hit the ground pretty hard.

Also, my helmet did its thing very well:

Bent out of shape and broken styrofoam.

So, not only did I get very lucky, I also can warmly recommend Specialized Helmets and Evoc Back packs :sweat_smile:


:open_mouth: Im glad you seem to have physically escaped that.


Yeah, the AC separation heals up well. It’s been 2.5 weeks since the surgery and they fixed me up pretty well. I have good mobility and little pain. Just a long way to go back, especially since the joint and ligaments just will need at least another months to heal up, and until then my physio work on it is pretty easy stuff.

I can pedal a bike still, so I can progress on that front again.


Glad it wasn’t worse! A very close friend (and BMX HoF’r) suffered a life-changing spinal injury in an MTB crash when he landed on a mini pump that was in his hydration pack.


First hot and humid ride today since being back in GA. Took it easy as it was HOT! Want to go back to the WA rides :joy::joy:


Hard ride at the velodrome yesterday so today was just about meandering around. The next town over has been upgrading the waterfront parks and trails so checked them out. It was a hazy day out on the lake, and it smelt pretty swampy too.

I had thought I’d do laps of a local segment that’s close to home, but I got bored after 4. Afterwards I went to check out the local legend on the segment and it looks like it’s a fellow TR user! Kudos to him for going round that loop that many times.


I saw that jersey on the website and wondered how it looked on a real person. I like it! Looks good.

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Franklin County, Maine, USA

I prolonged my last block of build to push recovery week to coincide with vacation. I’m back in Maine and only brought my gravel wheels so I could hit the dirt again. This is only my second gravel ride, and I enjoy it, but I think I’d like it more on a dedicated gravel bike instead of my road bike. The deep washboards were rough on 31mm tires, and I tend to ‘baby’ my road bike so hearing the chain slap the chain stay made me quite nervous, even with helicopter tape (there were no marks or damage). Maybe I’m trying to make the case for N+1 in my head, too. Still lots of fun!

Squeezed the ride in between passing storms.


Spotted this “art installation” (?!) on yesterday’s ride through Mission Bay Park in San Diego. I assume they chose this location because it was visible from the Interstate 5 freeway but I had a hard enough time reading it on my bike that I doubt anyone could make it out at freeway speeds.


All rapha for me. I got the other color as well but liked this one better. Just a note on this the white stripe is strategically placed to show your pecs (well you know) if you don’t wear a base layer. I always do but the other one is dark so no base layer needed.

I had a credit from a Colin Strickland aero I had they gave me when the whole situation went down.

Follow me on Strava if you want and will follow back.

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Yeah, when I saw all the models were dark skinned, I definitely wondered if it was see through. The base layer does a good job there.

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This morning was almost perfect for cycling light winds, sunshine and comfortable temperatures. What’s more we were joined by a mate who we hadn’t seen for a while (The Legend :sunglasses:). It was our group ride route that stays east of the A43 after stopping in Oundle for :coffee: It was also one of those days that seemed to work for me and I was able to concentrate at times in pedaling more with my calves which seems to get me 30-40w more for the same effort through my thighs. I can feel it now and the compression socks are on :joy:


Left early to beat incoming rain and had a beautiful ride with very low bike and car traffic. Even though the humidity was at 80%, the starting temp of about 75 and ending below 85 was a very nice break from the extreme heat we’ve had this summer.

3 hours solo with four 16 minute intervals at around 80% FTP during the first hour and a half, and then 90 minutes of relaxing and exploring in the cool temps along with a couple sprints to end things out.


Other half went on a fritter ride while I was working last weekend so today I planned our route to go past the fritter place. It also included “Clara’s Climb”, named after Clara Hughes who used the hill to train for the '96 Olympic Cycling events.

Just past the crest of the hill, there is sunflower field - OH said he’d get a nice picture of me as I rode by. Here’s the picture. Jered Gruber he is not!

There’s a heat warning in effect this weekend. By the time we got to the fritter place my braid was sodden, as was my jersey, but at least there was a nice tailwind chasing us home.


The easiest way to do this is to take video and then screenshot the frame you want.

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Top of Mt Shasta climb, right now:

Only 252 feet of descending!

Energy circle and drummer:

New helmet from @ericallenboyd - thanks Eric!


More pics later!


Awesome views

Franklin County, Maine, USA

Tried a new route (I love exploring new roads) but even though RideWithGPS showed a loop, it ended at someone’s house who, as it turned out, was not happy that I was there, and let me know it. Something about “this road hasn’t connected through in 40 years.” :man_shrugging:

So, I wished him a happy day, turned around, and decided to try some sprintervals (e.g. SIT) in a short local hill from the public beach. I ended up doing 9 x 25 sec @ 185-200%. I’ll definitely take it given how I never practice sprints; don’t race at all, especially crits; and prefer long, slow rides like fondos and centuries. Anyway, was fun, type 2 style, 25 seconds at a time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Being in the back woods of Maine, there are some unique things to see, including the infamous (at least around here) “man in the can.”

This picture of a group of loons was off our dock last night. We always love seeing them.

Random trivia: What is a group of loons called? There are multiple correct answers.

  • Asylum
  • Cry
  • Flock
  • Gaggle
  • Herd
  • Raft
  • Waterdance
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

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Answer: A group of loons can go by many names, including a raft, a waterdance, a cry and an asylum.