Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022)

Nice ride!

This was the year I was hoping to do this longest day monster:

Even had someone lined up to ride with, but life got in the way :frowning:

Hoping to make it happen next year!


Did my longest ride of the year, on the longest day of the year


Nice ride. Good on you for the 201km (124mi), that’s a good ride. But my eyes bulged at seeing 246m (807 feet) of ascent. Sure, that means virtually no climbing, but it also means virtually no resting! Looks like it was a nice day for a scenic ride.

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It was one of the longer version of our mid week chaingang (pace line) tonight. I made the mistake of wearing finger less gloves thinking at 26deg C itd be warm enough for the fingertips. I was wrong, I should have guessed just last year Tenerife was too cold for them. I foolishly thought after 7 months they might be able to with stand more. Not long after we turned into the cooling North wind, however my hands started to go numb and the inside of the elbows ached. A legacy from my 2019 ‘treatment’. Back to long fingered gloves for me.


Our local XC race series tonight. A time trial up (getting passed), and a time trial down (trying to pass).

Redlined for pretty much an hour and a half. I deserved the beer afterwards.


Slowly ramping up training after an off-season. Some easy tempo tonight

Finished ride 3 minutes before sunset. Thankfully it didn’t hit 100F / 38C today because of the cloud cover:

Just heard thunder, pretty rare for NorCal in the summer.

Started ride at 90F with my late start, going forward I’ll try and ride in the morning to beat the high afternoon temps.


I had Pen y Castell in my calendar today, a level 3 SS workout, perfect for taking outdoors but being conscious of my TSS over the last few days I didn’t push it. I thought Id try and head to the flat Fens to try and get consistency. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the 3rd interval that I got there. Its a nice and consistent interval but I decided it would be best to head back. Resulting in too much shifting to try and maintain the power and prescribed low cadence. So much so the whole drive chain locked up mid flight. I realised what it was the chain had jumped off the cassette and the little bit of force was enough to snap the cable. I might be wrong but I think I only replaced it in March. Surprisngly I am only 9% below the target intensity but given that deliberate lowering of intensity I’ll mark it as a did not pass :joy:


Completed an everesting on Sunday Started at 2.50am and finished around 11.30pm.


Damn, well done!!


Ouch! Congratulations :champagne:


Thank you

Thank’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome. Llongyfarchiadau!

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Thank you :smile:

Will post a ride update after tomorrow from Haute Route Alpe d’Huez — where I get to see a blur go by named @Aeroiseverything — but for @WindWarrior… this (HD 4k) video from today is for you:


Thank you! My wife and 25 year old were cooing in delight!

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After my shifter cable breaking on Thursday night I replaced it last night but unfortunately it jammed inside the frame so I had a more stressful evening than I expected. Most of the frame ended up getting stripped to get at the internal cables. So in the morning I thought I’d better test it. I was going to go out for a local ride but some mates said they were going for a coffee in Oundle. So I jumped out of bed and threw the bike in the back of the car and drove down to Cotterstock before a very short 2 miles ride to meet them. All seemed good on the short ride.

Lol, I see I got a PR on the way back on 15.6% Cotterstock climb. Who makes these segments up. There a very, very short climb 20m at 5% at the most, the area is pancake flat with a longer and very slight downhill before the climb. I and I think most folk very rarely actually turn right across traffic into the village but my car was parked there. :joy:

Onto the TT it was a short 10 miler on what is supposed to be the fastest course in Cambridgeshire. Not for me though, I have never got it on a good day and the busier road freaks me out. I was too busy going tempo and expecting the un expected that never came. Well nor until after the finish when my hastily recabled TT shifter decided to pop out :joy::joy: I’m still 54s behind my PB for a 10miler.


Beautiful clouds today over Essex - Uk


Beautiful!!! Scenes like that make for a great ride, even if you’re suffering :rofl:

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Follow up to Where did you ride OUTSIDE today (2022) - #542 by PoweredByBacon, 2nd century of the summer has been completed.

My longest ride ever:
Licking Valley Century just outside of Cincinnati, OH, USA.