Where did you ride OUTSIDE today? (2019 & 2020)

There’s an island north of Bergen called Osterøy, and we hadn’t been up there yet, so we went up there.

There were picnic tables half-way up the big climb, so we figured it’d be rude to not stop. It was so hot (Wahoo says 33C/91F), and there was zero shade the entire way up :hot_face:

This segment is called Strade Bianche Osterøy on Strava:

Descent after the last big climb, this is about where the bonk started:


Rather than head north into The Yorkshire Dales I headed south towards (but avoiding) the UK MTB mecca that is Hebden Bridge.

Let’s just say things were a tad damp meteorologically speaking :rofl: Managed to clean one climb for the first time :+1: but failed as usual to clean another :-1: I’d originally planned to drop down to the village on the other side of the hill from where I live and on the way back over ride a path I’d not done before. However just before the decision point I noticed some very dark clouds heading my way so turned right rather than left. I was 1km from home when the deluge started :cry: By the time I got home even the cat didn’t want to know me.

58km with 1350m of ascent


Out on the Blue ridge Parkway


Left home Saturday morning about 7a planning a 4+hr gravel ride. Checked the weather the night before so I put on sunscreen expecting, well, sun. But, 30min into the ride came a tropical downpour. Swell. I pressed on, exiting one forest, crossing a small bridge to cross the river, and up into another forest. Then came the thunder and lightning, in addition to the hard rain. I decided to alter course and stay in the forest (route had me exiting the forest, ascending in the open before descending etc) “hiding” out below the ridgeline. Though sunrise was 3hrs earlier, the headlight attached below my Garmin 830 and controlled by the Garmin turned on and stayed on because it determined it was dark enough. I decided this wasn’t fun nor necessary and returned home. 1:45 instead of 4hrs.

Later that same day, the sun was out. The wife and daughter went shopping while the son was online with friends. Bored, I decided I’ll go for a quickie 90min road ride. Again, I put on sunscreen because the sun was warm with a beautiful blue sky and only broken clouds. Route was easy with half of the ~30-mile route being flatish along the lake before turning up for a 4-mile climb of 6-10% (with a little 15% wall), followed by a lumpy but net downhill ride home. About halfway up the climb, the sky ahead looked ominous and I thought, “not again.” Rain began falling as I neared the end of the climbing. Soon it was pouring and I found cover for it to lighten up, which it did so I pressed on. A couple of miles later and the roads were dry without any sign of moisture and the sky was blue with broken clouds, and warm.

I opted to not ride Sunday.

A video still. You can see lightning at the bottom left of the roof across the road. The rain had started to slow before this shot.

A few miles from home and the road is completely dry.


Sounds like my 5 hrs out, wind and rain, forecast sun. I out ran the rain for 3 - 4 hours and then had the option to expand the route or to turn along the front of the clouds and rain system, lets just say I got very wet, just before a short 20% climb.
Dry when I got home though.

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Pears are getting ripe, almost harvest time:

Barn along the river tells the story:

Getting easy to see the grapes from the road:

Water lilies (or something) looking good:


Wife knocked over the bike at home the other night. Didn’t think much of it till my bars snapped 7 miles in to my ride. Then she told me “I thought I heard a crack”. Luckily they gave out when I was doing 2mph and not on the descent I came off of.

Went to MTB instead since I was pretty bummed, clipped a log and went over the bars on my back into a ditch, Carbon MTB bars smashed into a rock and nothing happened except my tweaked back

Already found another bar stem setup does lucky there and glad I still have my teeth. At least the MTB ride was fruitful


Exploring Brisbane. 99% dedicated bikeway for over 50kms was nice.
Another beautiful winters day.


Are you sure it was an accident? She might be trying to knock you off. :wink:


Hmm, she may be trying to steal my identity. She already took my name (funny story, we are both named Alex and she took my last name too)


Finally an outdoorride worth sharing. Maybe @mountainrunner is familiar with the area.

Grosse Scheidegg - a mountain pass in the Bernese Alps - Switzerland.



Absolutely stunning.

I rode up the baby mountain in the back of yesterdays shot.


Awesome ride, @jn92. Looks beautiful, of course. No, I haven’t been to Grindelwald / Grosse Scheidegg. I’ve stayed at / ridden from Meiringen, which is just north of there and 90min by car from home, for riding other picturesque passes (Grimselpass, Sustenpass, Nufenpass, Gotthard – with its cobbles up and down). Was most of the ride on roads like this? I also like the track to the left of the first pic for a gravel ride. Love to get your route. Looks like a place to get to.

Lunchtime today was a Ramp Test on rollers followed by a quickie 1hr outdoor ride. The ramp test was a failure. I ran out of gears three minutes before I ended up quitting and, also near the end, I was fidgeting with the earbuds to advance songs. I was trying to skip songs like Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog and American Pie to get to Metallica’s Master of Puppets for the last few minutes.

The road ride was under a sunny sky.

And, it wasn’t flat but it was short.

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Testing the new handlebar setup, lot more room in the cockpit now, but too hot to stay out long today

Local neighborhood with a solid 5:30 climb at my VO2max effort… not quite enough for Elephants +4 but it’ll have to do! Beautiful view of the mountains, Otay Lake.


33% average grade that kept going and going.
This was not a good trail to take to the single track area. (The photo doesn’t do it justice).

The lumps on the down hill side were fun.

No shots of the single track as I was having too much fun.
First ride on the MTB in months. Mt Coot Tha (gap creek). Brisbane.


Stayed right on the coastline today once we got to the fjords:

Hubby got an amazing puncture, finally breaking our flat-less streak since we moved here:

(The knobby tires are my fault for buying a set of Gatorskin Hardshells because that’s what we used in Albuquerque and then not being able to get them on the wheel :sweat_smile:)

This trail of mixed tarmac and gravel that skirts above downtown Bergen is rapidly becoming my favorite stretch of road in the area:

Supposed to rain all next week, so we had to soak up the sun while it was around :sun_with_face:



Haven’t ridden with some of my former USSR friends in a while, we decided to do a Russian Reunion. The collusion was poorly organized since I ended up doing most of the pulling on the front.

My new 110mm bars feel good, I used the opportunity to step up to a longer bar after mine broke in an unfortunate mishap at the house.